Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life at 7 weeks

Let's see... last week Grandma Feller, Danny, Aunt Kathy & my cousin Rachel came to visit me.  We went out for pizza and then Kathy and Rachel went swimming at the hotel.  Since i don't even know how to sit up my self yet i wasn't allowed to go swimming.  I just had to watch.  So the next day before they left i thought i'd get Aunt Kathy back for teasing me by spitting up ALL over her! HeHe!  I bet she smelled that nasty formula all the home.  Just kidding, i didn't mean to.  ;)  We had a good time though.

Well i've started staying awake a little more during the day.  Things catch my eye and i just start starring.  Not sure what i stare at and neither does mommy.  She thinks i'm crazy.  I try to talk to her but she just dont understand what i'm saying and just goos back at me.  She does this to my cousin Kasidy to and it makes Kasidy really mad.  Kasidy tells her to "STOP" so i guess she understands that mommy is making fun of her.  Me? I don't mind, i just do it more.  Mommy seems to love it when i goo and ahh at her.  :) 

Does anyone else have someone stop them in the middle of eating and start patting them on the back?  Mommy always does this to me so now when she's patting my back i pat hers too cause i never see daddy pat it for her when she eats.  It always seems to make me burp though and makes me feel so much better. 

Speaking of mommy thinkin i'm crazy... when i get ahold of something, usually mommys finger, i like to squeeze really tight and she thinks i have a strong grip... well last night i some how managed to grab my OWN hair and of course i squeezed it tight and ya remember i have "crazy arms" well i moved my arm which made me pull my hair, which made me REALLY mad so i tried to pull my arm away but only made me pull my hair even harder which made me even more mad so i did it again over and over again.   Needless to say i didn't realized i was hurting myself (thought someone else was) and mommy was laughin so hard while tryin to loosen up my grip.  I didn't think it was to funny but she thought it was hilarious.  But she finally got me to let go and then she covered me in kisses to make me feel better. (while she was still laughing i might add...) 

The last two days my cousin Lydia has come home with daddy and she likes to talk to me and she even plays the "paci game" with me. (although she gives up on it real quick, mommy hears her saying... "close your mouth Jaxon, it's already in there.")  You can tell she's been around a lot of babies... she's got that sweet baby talk down pat.  Sun. me and mommy went over to their house so mommy could work on Aunt Kim's computer and Lydia and Kasidy were fighting over me!  Kasidy wants to take care of me all by herself.  Kasidy likes givin me my paci when i fling it out but don't like for me to wear mittens.   Oh and Kasidy ALWAYS thinks i stink.  She walks around saying "Axon Stinks!"  Maybe cause the first time i met her i started poopin on her mommy when she tried to change my diaper. Who knows!  But really she's the one that stinks... when we were leavin' she messed her pull-up and decided to pull it down around her ankles and come walking in the living room sayin' "I stink".  She had it everywhere... poor Aunt Kim. 

The last few nights i have driven mommy and daddy crazy!  She wasted $45 on some drops for me that don't help any.  I was just so cranky and NOTHING made me happy.  Not sure why i get so cranky but maybe it'll get better soon.  Tonight was better though so who knows.  Tonight mommy gave me a bath and i loved it! It makes me smell sooo good and as my hair dries it slowly spikes up and makes me look soo handsome!  (So mommy says) She even filed my nails today.  I scratched my face so they needed it.  I wasn't being very still so she was scared to clip them so she just filed them down smooth instead.  Then i cuddled with daddy while mommy took a shower and started my laundary.  Daddy had been sick but i'm so glad he is better now so i can cuddle with him again.  Don't think Cotton is to happy about it though.  I still don't think that hairy little guy has gotten used to me yet.  He prob. just knows from my cousins that little people like me always grow bigger and like to chase and tease lil guys like him.  Ha! Look out Cotts!

Oh yea, thanks Aunt Tracy for the halloween card.  Daddy put my dollar in my piggy bank.  If i had teeth i would've gone and got me some candy or something but i don't. HeHe! 

Okie dokie... it's nighty night time!

Sweet Dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Love, Baby Jax!

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