Friday, September 17, 2010

Just another day...

Lets see... what have i been up to?  Well yesterday me and mommy ran to get some ink so she can print out some more pictures of guess who...? Yep, ME! My frames in my room have some babys pic. in them that i don't know.  Mommy is already behind cause my 1st year frame needs my birth pic and my one month pic. already.  She thinks there is a big difference in that time and it will be neat to watch me change over the first year.  Then daddy got home and had my cousin Lacey with him.  Her and mommy cooked spaghetti while i took a little nap.  I always know when it is time for mommy and daddy to eat... i wake up and get really cranky.  Mommy spends all that time cookin and then ends up eating cold food.  I'm just jealous that i don't get to eat it yet.  And it don't matter what it is... the night before it was meatloaf and before that it was steaks on the grill.  I can't wait to eat the good stuff! 

I always end up really cranky in the evenings and not much makes me happy.  I'm most happy when mommy holds me but sometimes thats still not enough.  Daddy thinks mommy has just spoiled me rotten but tonight when i got that way she looked up some stuff on this silly internet about fussy babies (guess that would be me...) and it says that it usually happens in the evenings before our long strech of sleep. (long strech...i don't do to many long streches) Anyways, it says that it's normal and it peeks at around 6 weeks, which is how old i'll be on mon. and slacks off around 3-4 months.  Mommy was happy to hear that its normal but not so happy that it's gonna last another 2-3 months.  Good thing she don't mind holding and rockin me cause it looks like thats gonna be her main job for awhile.  Daddy bless his heart trys really hard but sometimes it just don't cut it and i prefer mommy.  Mommy says he's just not used to little babies as little as me but give him time and he will get the hang of it.  And some how i always know when mommy leaves the room.  I'm out like a light and if she walks away I'm bright eye'd and mad.  

I still love playing the paci game ALL DAY AND NIGHT!  Today mommy was trying to teach me to suck on my thumb so if i lose my paci i could just use my thumb instead of getting so mad but i told her no way.  I'd much rather have my paci.  And i'm getting more of an arm on me cause i'm strating to fling it farther and farther.  Not such a good thing for mommy. 

Speaking of arms... mommy says she's gonna have some good arm muscles by the time i move into a big carseat from luggin me around.  And just think i only way about 10lbs now... i'm gonna get bigger. 

Oh and i think this new formula may be helping on my spitting up.  Still to soon to tell.  I did spit up all over daddy last night though.  He wasn't to happy about it.  I wasn't either though.  Time will tell.

I go to the doctor mon. but i'm not lookin forward to it cause i think they plan to stab me with some needles... mommy wishes they didn't have to either.  We will prob. both tear up! Ha!  Mommy did have to call the doc yesterday cause my poor little face has broken out and she wasn't sure what it was from.  They say it could be a variety of different things.  It may be from my formula or she thinks it may be where she'd been layin' me on a towel cause i was spitting up my whole bottle so much and it may be a reaction to her detergant.  Now she just uses my blankets to lay me on which are only washed in my very own special detergant.  Who knows... And the doc. told her what to put on my face to see if it heals it up.  If not they will look at it mon. when we are there.  Mommy thinks it looks better today though so it seems to be getting better.  It didn't really bother me none but mommy didn't like thinkin her babys face might be iching or hurting.  I can always count on mommy to take care of me.  She loves me so much!  When i do sleep, sometimes i dream and let out a few smiles and mommy thinks i must be dreamin about her and daddy... but i'll never tell!   And mommy says that no matter how long of a day it's been, when she looks at my sweet little face everything else just melts aways.  Besides daddy, i'm the love of her life!

Well i'm off to baby dream land!  It's almost time to start tonights paci game! (sure mommy is soo looking forward to it)

Sweet Dreams!
Love, Baby Jax

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