Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween & then some!

Halloween has come and gone... and this "Superman" had a blast!  I loved going trick-or-treating!  I went 2 times!! :-)  The other weekend they had the trick-or-treat at the campground in the park so me, mommy, daddy, aunt Kim, Lacey, Lydia, Kasidy & Keyona all went.  It was so fun!  I wasn't to sure why we kept stopping and people were putting candy in my pumpkin but i liked looking at all the other little kids running around all dressed in weird clothes. Ha! Some were cute and some were scary but they didn't bother me, i just took it all in and enjoyed the ride in my stroller.  Then on Halloween mommy took me trick-or-treating again! We didn't stay out to long cause Superman's ears were getting a little cold.  I enjoyed it though.

And yes i had to ride in the stroller cause i didn't meet my deadline of walking by daddys birthday.  :( I could stand up but couldn't quite get my legs to move.  However, on the 24th i took my first actual steps without holding on to anything!  I took a couple and then i took about 5 or 6 trying to walk to daddy! Mommy and Daddy were both so proud of me.  They were getting excited so i was getting excited too!  (I kept falling down cause i was laughing to much w/ them!) :-) 

Mamaw & Papaw Downey came to visit the weekend of Halloween and of course Lucy too! That dog is so silly, she makes me laugh!  I don't like her kisses though.  It took me a little bit to warm up to them cause it had been a few months since i seen them and i don't go to nobody but mommy usually.  (well, and Ms. Ethel... my teacher at daycare.  I just love her! I throw a fit in the morning if mommy leaves me w/ anybody but her) Anyways, mamaw brought me a halloween book and we started reading it together but i didn't want her to touch me... but then i was fine & we hung out like best of friends!  I kept papaw busy that weekend walking around the house... i'd go up to him and get his finger and then we'd walk all over the house.  (me holding on tight of course)  We did play "no hands" several times w/ mommy.  I'd stand up and walk a few steps and everyone would cheer and then i'd fall down. lol  gotta work on my balance!  We had a great weekend though and hated that they didn't get to stay and go trick-or-treating w/ me again this year.  I even took Lucy for a ride in my truck!

Since then me and mommy have been staying pretty busy.  She usually waits until i'm asleep to "work" so we get playtime every night after work.  I help her out in the kitchen alot too... like w/ the dishes... i help her take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and she puts away and she says it takes a lot longer when i help cause i do the spoons and forks one-at-a-time! :-)  And i even help w/ the dirty dishes... she puts them in and i take them back out... dont know why she keeps telling me NO... dont she want to put these away too?!   

Wed. after work me and mommy went over to my aunt Kims house for Keyona's 2nd birthday!  Kim & us got her a Pink car like my truck.  It wasn't put together yet but when mommy carry it to her she saw the picture on it and got SO excited!! She loved it!  So now as soon as i can reach the ground.... we can ride together. 

Okay... above i talked about me walking a few steps here and there.  Well.... tonight i walked from my room ALL the way to the windows in the living room!!!!!  And then back.  I fell once or twice and had to stop & pick up my paci on the way as i went by but other than that I DID IT!!!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me!!  I'm pretty darn proud of myself too! :-)  It was rough cause i still had socks on and that makes it a little slick but i still did it.  So it wont be long and i will be running all over the place...  Look out Bubba & Cotton!! Ha!  Mommy got it on video so she can show me off somemore.  :-)  Mommy says she happy that i'm growing and learning new things & crossing these milestones but at the same time she's sad cause this means i'm growing up... i guess she thought i'd stay a baby forever.... silly mommy! ;-) 

Oh and me and mommy are taking a road trip this weekend to Xenia OH to see mommy's friend Myra.  Rita (a lady that works w/ mommy) and her daughter are going too.  I hope i don't get to cranky on the road... its like a 3hr drive there.  I may end up onthe luggage rake on the way home! :-( Hope not!

Guess thats it for now.  Gonna go get me some sleep!

Baby Jax!