Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Been a busy weekend.  Mama & Papa Downey missed me so much that they came to see me this weekend. To bad they already had to leave.  I love it when mama holds me and talks to me!  Hope she knows i didn't mean to spit up all over her this morning.  Sorry mama!  Mommy switched me to a new formula this afternoon and so far it seems to be helping.  Maybe now i can keep this stuff down. 

Yesterday 4 of my cousins and my Aunt Kim came over and we celebrated my cousin Lydia's birthday.  She turns 5 tomorrow.  And i'll be 4 weeks already tomorrow.  Mommy says i'm growing up way to fast!  My cousin Keyona wasn't sure what to think about me.  I didn't really pay her any attention but she wanted to keep crawling over and pushing on me.  (She's only 10 months old)  I think she was trying to play with me but i can't really do much yet besides lie there and look around.  I love looking around at things. And I love when people talk to me.  My mommy talks to me all the time and i just look at her like i'm really listening.  She thinks i am but i'll never tell! ;)

Glad my daddy gets to stay home from work again tomorrow.  I love cuddling with him.  Cotton (my hairy bother) gets really jealous when i do though.  I don't think he likes to share his daddy with me.  Too bad! HaHa!  He keeps trying to smell me too and his wiskers tickle and make me giggle.  Mommy thinks its cute when i giggle.

Well speaking of cuddling, i'm going to go do just that.  Nite everyone.

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  1. Awww....he is so cute.....glad Jaxon is having a great holiday weekend...his first of many!