Monday, September 20, 2010

6 Weeks!

Happy Birthday to ME! Yep, i'm 6 weeks old today.  Getting older and older every week! =)  My day started bright and early with a trip to the doctor's office.  Mommy didn't want to get up but we made it in time.  She's gonna have to get use to gettin us both up and ready before to long when she goes back to work.  Which i would rather her just quit her job and stay home with me everyday and i know she would too but she wont...  We actually went to where i'll be going to daycare today and turned in all my paperwork and met the people who will be watching and playing with me during the day while mommy works.  Me and mommy both like them and think i'll be in good hands there. 

Okay, back to the doctor visit... he said i'm lookin good! Which i knew this already cause people tell me this ALL the time.  I've gained a little weight, not much but now i'm at 8lbs 14.5oz and i'm stretching out too... i'm now 22.75in. long.  Mommy knew i was growing cause i'm out growing my clothes.  My little toeseys are at the ends of my sleepers.  I'm gonna have to move to the next size soon just for the lenght. Which means they will be really baggy on me.  But we'll figure it out.  Mommy will make sure i'm nice and comfy and cozy!  Oh and as far as my rash on my face... Doc. says i got some of that ezama stuff.  =(  It could clear up and stay away or it may come back here and there.  I sure hope not cause it makes my poor face itch.  He gave me some cream for mommy to put on it and it makes it feel better.  She hopes it clears up fast.

So over all life is good at 6 weeks.  Sat.  while daddy mowed the yard mommy took me for another walk.  But this time we didn't leave the driveway! lol  We got a pretty long driveway and i like the bumpiness of it better than the road anyways so we just made several circles back and forth while we glanced at daddy everytime he went by. We love him!  That is until i fell asleep.  The bumps and mower noise put me out... but as soon as we stopped and it got quiet i was wide awake again.  Mommy thinks i'm so backwards! Ha!   Just like if i fall asleep with the lights on... as soon as they go off UP I AM! 

Today i went up to mommys work again to see everyone.  I think Amy could hold me all day and not put me down for nothing.  And i wouldn't mind one bit.  I get so cozy.  Her and mommy both think i would be a good associate to hang with them everyday if only they could figure out a way to sneak me in. HeHe!  I told em i was small enough to hide in the corner! =)  Well i better get me some sleep cause Danny, Grandma Feller and maybe Aunt Kathy and cousin Rachel are comin to town tomorrow to see me.   Just hopefully i don't spit up all over them like i did on mommy again tonight. =(  That would be kinda funny though...

Nighty Nite! Sweet Dreams!

Love, Baby Jax

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