Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year!

It's a new year and i've had many "first's" since my last blog.  Had my first Thanksgiving and smelt turkey cooking all day.  Mommy gave me some sweet potatoes but i didn't like them.  I spit them back out.  Her's looked good but mine comes in this little plastic container and is no where near the same!

Than a few weeks later I had my first Christmas.  It was a "White Christmas too!"  We went home to mommy and daddy's hometowns and spent it with family.  We stayed at Mammaw & Papaw Downeys cause they have a room there for all of us to stay in.  Went and visited with my grandma & grandpa feller and some of my aunts & uncles too!  I was a little cranky cause the time was different and i knew we weren't home so i was off schedule.  And with the cold and snow mommy didn't want to get me out to much so we didn't get to go see everyone we wanted to but we will try to come to town again once this crazy weather gets better.   Thank you everyone though for all the wonderfuel new toys and clothes i got.  I love toys!! 

The last night we were there mommy let me sleep in mamaw's room with them.  Mamaw was really excited about it and so was mommy because she would actually be able to get some sleep.  Ha!  I didn't sleep good the whole time we were there so neither did she.  The next morning we got up and mamaw gave me a bath in her little sink to get me all cleaned up to go to church for the first time.  Mommy had got me a little outfit with a vest and tie and boy did i look sharp in that!!  :-)  Mommy said i was one handsome little dude!  (but she always tells me that.) 

Me and mommy planned to go back to Indiana for New Years Eve for a get together with her family but after we got home from the first trip me, mommy and daddy all took turns being sick.  I had to stay home from daycare a couple days cause i had a fever and then i got better and then mommy was sick.  Probably cause she loved on me to much trying to make me feel better.  She kisses on my so much that she probably has withdrawls during the day when she's at work and cant do it. Ha!  So anyways, instead we stayed home here with daddy and celebrated the new year as a family.  And i got 2 kisses at midnight!!  Our drinks for the night were good 'ol Nightquil and formula! Ha!

At my last appointment on 12/20 i had grown another inch making me 25in tall and weighed 12.75lbs.   I had to get shots that day too and i screamed so loud but as soon as the nurse was done mommy picked me up and i stopped.  The nurse was suprised that all it took was for mommy to pick me up and she told me i was such a good boy so i even gave her a little smile.  (even after she just stabbed me in both of my little legs.)

On another note, i turned 5 months old Jan. 9th.  For my b-day i cashed in my piggy bank and daddy took me to buy a tv for my bedroom.  I got a 32" LED and daddy hung it on the wall for me when we got home.  Daddy wont let me have anything less than the best so he had to put some of his allowance in too! :)   He is the best daddy ever!  And I love it cause now i can watch the baby channel in my room too!  And mommy has started giving me my baths in there since my room is warmer so now i get to take a bath and watch tv at the same time.  I'm livin the life!! :-)  

I'm trying to sit by myself nowadays but can only do it for a few seconds until i start falling over.  I'm starting to eat more solids now too.  Bananas are my favorite!!  Greenbeans i hate!  Mommy tried to be slick one night and give me some in between bites of bananas but i caught on to what she was doing and spit them back at her.  I'm no dummy! lol  I'm also trying to roll over.  I haven't done it yet though.  I try to get over on my side but then i get stuck.  Mommy makes a game out of rolling me and i just love it!  We both get so tickled whenever we play it.  Mommy is good at making me laugh.  And i love it when daddy plays helicoptor with me.  You know the one where i get to fly in the air!  I had fun when papaw did it too!  Once they start though i don't want them to stop.  I get mad when they do.  My new thing now is growling.  I do it all the time and now mommy and daddy do it back.   We have so much fun playing!  Execpt for when i'm cranky...

Speaking of cranky... these last few days i'm been a moody little dude so they say.  I just want to play ALL the time and not sleep.  And not sleeping good  therefore makes me cranky.  I can't help it, i just have so much fun playing.  Why do we need sleep anyways? 

Well, daddy is leaving for North Carolina in the morning so the next few days will be just me and mommy.  I'm gonna miss daddy while he is away but i'm sure me and mommy will have lots of play and cuddle time. :-) 

Okay, i'm done rambling on for tonight.  Gotta get some sleep.

Nighty Night,

Love, Baby Jax!