Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween & then some!

Halloween has come and gone... and this "Superman" had a blast!  I loved going trick-or-treating!  I went 2 times!! :-)  The other weekend they had the trick-or-treat at the campground in the park so me, mommy, daddy, aunt Kim, Lacey, Lydia, Kasidy & Keyona all went.  It was so fun!  I wasn't to sure why we kept stopping and people were putting candy in my pumpkin but i liked looking at all the other little kids running around all dressed in weird clothes. Ha! Some were cute and some were scary but they didn't bother me, i just took it all in and enjoyed the ride in my stroller.  Then on Halloween mommy took me trick-or-treating again! We didn't stay out to long cause Superman's ears were getting a little cold.  I enjoyed it though.

And yes i had to ride in the stroller cause i didn't meet my deadline of walking by daddys birthday.  :( I could stand up but couldn't quite get my legs to move.  However, on the 24th i took my first actual steps without holding on to anything!  I took a couple and then i took about 5 or 6 trying to walk to daddy! Mommy and Daddy were both so proud of me.  They were getting excited so i was getting excited too!  (I kept falling down cause i was laughing to much w/ them!) :-) 

Mamaw & Papaw Downey came to visit the weekend of Halloween and of course Lucy too! That dog is so silly, she makes me laugh!  I don't like her kisses though.  It took me a little bit to warm up to them cause it had been a few months since i seen them and i don't go to nobody but mommy usually.  (well, and Ms. Ethel... my teacher at daycare.  I just love her! I throw a fit in the morning if mommy leaves me w/ anybody but her) Anyways, mamaw brought me a halloween book and we started reading it together but i didn't want her to touch me... but then i was fine & we hung out like best of friends!  I kept papaw busy that weekend walking around the house... i'd go up to him and get his finger and then we'd walk all over the house.  (me holding on tight of course)  We did play "no hands" several times w/ mommy.  I'd stand up and walk a few steps and everyone would cheer and then i'd fall down. lol  gotta work on my balance!  We had a great weekend though and hated that they didn't get to stay and go trick-or-treating w/ me again this year.  I even took Lucy for a ride in my truck!

Since then me and mommy have been staying pretty busy.  She usually waits until i'm asleep to "work" so we get playtime every night after work.  I help her out in the kitchen alot too... like w/ the dishes... i help her take the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and she puts away and she says it takes a lot longer when i help cause i do the spoons and forks one-at-a-time! :-)  And i even help w/ the dirty dishes... she puts them in and i take them back out... dont know why she keeps telling me NO... dont she want to put these away too?!   

Wed. after work me and mommy went over to my aunt Kims house for Keyona's 2nd birthday!  Kim & us got her a Pink car like my truck.  It wasn't put together yet but when mommy carry it to her she saw the picture on it and got SO excited!! She loved it!  So now as soon as i can reach the ground.... we can ride together. 

Okay... above i talked about me walking a few steps here and there.  Well.... tonight i walked from my room ALL the way to the windows in the living room!!!!!  And then back.  I fell once or twice and had to stop & pick up my paci on the way as i went by but other than that I DID IT!!!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of me!!  I'm pretty darn proud of myself too! :-)  It was rough cause i still had socks on and that makes it a little slick but i still did it.  So it wont be long and i will be running all over the place...  Look out Bubba & Cotton!! Ha!  Mommy got it on video so she can show me off somemore.  :-)  Mommy says she happy that i'm growing and learning new things & crossing these milestones but at the same time she's sad cause this means i'm growing up... i guess she thought i'd stay a baby forever.... silly mommy! ;-) 

Oh and me and mommy are taking a road trip this weekend to Xenia OH to see mommy's friend Myra.  Rita (a lady that works w/ mommy) and her daughter are going too.  I hope i don't get to cranky on the road... its like a 3hr drive there.  I may end up onthe luggage rake on the way home! :-( Hope not!

Guess thats it for now.  Gonna go get me some sleep!

Baby Jax!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch...

Went to the pumpkin patch today!  They had a petting zoo kinda thing too!  When we got there daddy took me over to one of the horses & got too close too fast... i almost cried but he back up and i was fine.  I just didn't want to get to close to them.  To me it looks like a Giant Dog or something, i didn't know what that thing was!   I was fine looking at the rest though.  There was even some rabbits, goats and little black pigs!  I was standing at the fence by the pigs and one came over and storted at me and i thought that was funny!  He sounded so funny making that noise.  ( I still wanted no part in touching any of them though.)

After we went through the animals we went on a hayride down to the pumpkin patch!  I loved the ride... the wind blowing in my hair, all the sites to see.  First mommy took me to the little pumpkins for i could pick one out.  I got 2 of them!  I wasn't so sure about touching them either though at first... all this stuff is new to me.  Then i went went daddy as mommy followed behind and we looked and looked until we found the perfect pumpkin!! (I pointed which way to go!) :-)  Mommy says she can't wait until next year when i get to go running through there myself.  (Daddy says i'll prob. still be crawling! lol) They also had horse rides and a little train for the kids to be pulled in but mommy said i was too little for it this year.  Maybe next year.

We all had a good time and i was a very good boy!! 


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hangin w/ Daddy!

Last weekend daddy & I got a lot of "us" time!  He picked me up early from daycare and we went to the store and a couple places while mommy was still at work.  Then Sat. daddy gave me another hair cut.  Mommy says she don't like it when my hair starts growing over my ears. hehe  Daddy did a good job though.  I just sat on the bathroom counter like a big boy and mommy held me still while daddy did it.  Then i was put in the shower to get all that hair off me so i wouldn't itch.  Yes i said shower... i love taking showers! The water tickles and makes me laugh! :-)  After i was dressed and ready for the day mommy started working on cleaning out one of the rooms so me & daddy went out to lunch and then we went to a car show at daddy's work!  After that we went to my Aunt Kim's house so daddy could look at her lawnmower for her.  I love hanging out w/ my daddy! :-)

Sunday daddy gave me a tattoo so i could be like him! lol  Okay, it wasn't real... i got it the weekend before when we went shopping for me some winter clothes.   Anyways, it was a colorful football and i loved it!  They would ask me where my football was and since i'm a pretty smart boy and all i would look and point right to it.  However, mommy thought it would wash off that night when she gave me a bath... she was so wrong! haha!  So i wore it almost all week til it finally washed off.  I showed it off to all the ladies at mommy's work! (Mommy says i'm such a flirt!)  And now that its gone when someone ask me where my football is i still look at and arm and point but then mommy says i get a confused look on my face cause i notice its not there.  They are trying to trick me!  I loved looking at that football and now its gone! :-(  Guess we'll have to go shopping again! :-)  I like going clothes shopping cause as they push me through in my stroller i grab all the clothes i can and either pull them off their hangers onto the floor or else i pull them of the tables into my lap to take w/ me.  They always take them back away though... maybe i'm grabbing the wrong size?


Thursday, September 29, 2011

20 Day Count Down...

It looks like I am on a 20 day count down for walking...  What's in 20 days you ask?  Daddy's Birthday!! :-)  They said I have to walk by daddy's b-day... (but if not than by Halloween, & if not by then, then they will pick another date! hehe)  Don't get me wrong, I love walking and i'm walking ALL over the place now but i just still think its safer if i hold on to something. :-)  I pull myself up and work my way all over the house now.  Always following mommy of course!  I go EVERYWHERE she goes!  Except they put up a wall by the laundry room so i cant help get clothes out of the dryer no more... (prob. cause i liked to make pit stops at the cat food as i went by) I like to reach for things on tables now too.  Like the remotes on the end table, i usually pull them off and throw them on the floor for mommy to later pick up so i can do again another day. hehe  Lately i've started getting on my feet and hands in the middle of the floor (mommy asks if i'm gonna do a hand stand) but then i remember that i have nothing to hold onto so i sit back down and move over by something to pull myself up.  Mommy says one day i'll just get up and go w/ out thinking about it.  We'll see...  I also love looking out the window... kinda hard to watch cars go by when we are the only ones on a dead end street... so i just look around at everything else and feel the breeze.  I am a little daredevil on mommys bed though... when we cuddle up i like to practice standing w/ NO Hands! :-)  (cause i know the bed is soft and she would catch me too)  I usually stand up, put my hands in the air and then fall over on mommy (on purpose) and laugh.  It's really fun, you should try it!  We usually play like that and get all out giggles out before bedtime.  It makes me not want to go to sleep but eventually i get wore out. 
Speaking of following mommy everywhere... i think sometimes she tries to hide from me, but i ALWAYS find her.  I search the house over until i do.  And doors don't stand in my way.  I push them open like i'm the boss.  (cause i am the boss!)  And when mommy gets ready in the morning i close the door behind me so she can't run off w/out me. :-) 

Okay, it's off to sleep i go...

Nighty Nite!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Before I was a Mom,
I never tripped over toys
or forgot words to a lullaby.
I didn't worry whether or not
my plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom,
I had never been puked on.
Pooped on.
Chewed on.
Peed on.
I had complete control of my mind
and my thoughts.
I slept all night .

Before I was a Mom,
I never held down a screaming child
so doctors could do tests.
Or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.
I never sat up late hours at night
watching a baby sleep .

Before I was a Mom,
I never held a sleeping baby just because
I didn't want to put her down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces
when I couldn't stop the hurt.
I never knew that something so small
could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much. I never knew I would love being a Mom .

Before I was a Mom,
I didn't know the feeling of
having my heart outside my body..
I didn't know how special it could feel
to feed a hungry baby.
I didn't know that bond
between a mother and her child.
I didn't know that something so small
could make me feel so important and happy .

Before I was a Mom,
I had never gotten up in the middle of the night
every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.
I had never known the warmth,
the joy,
the love,
the heartache,
the wonderment
or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much,
before I was a Mom

May you always be overwhelmed by the Grace of God rather than by the cares of life.

Eatin good in the neighborhood...

I've been tryin more & more things lately and mommy says i'm becoming a lil man. I love chicken & hotdogs/corndogs! Im trying more meals at daycare too but some days i just want my good ol babyfood. And i might eat something one day but when they have it again i might not. Oh but i just LOVE the chilibun they make... I even asked for seconds yesterday! -:) At night im pretty much eating whatever it is mommy & daddy are eating. Unless its something i dont like then mommy will feed me some babyfood. She says i have to eat EVERY night! Hehe.

Last night mommy gave me a little tree thingy... (she said its broccoli) i put my thumb on it & push it around a lil then i just looked at her like "i'm suppose to eat this??". Shes crazy if she thinks im gonna eat a tree... I threw it down for Bubba to eat but he didnt want it either. Mommy gets mad when i give bubba food but i think it is soooo funny! I throw a piece, then laugh real loud, mommy says no & then i do it again & again! Lol. She eventually laughs too cause im just cute like that but she tries to hide it so i dont see it. She dont fool me! ;-)

I'm also drinking mommy & daddys milk sometimes now too. The other day when we went to the store mommy got me the chocolate kind too! Its pretty good! Its really good w/ poptarts! Me & mommy both love the brown sugar & cinnamon kind. We like other kinds too but thats our favorite.

Ok well i just thought i'd do a little update.


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Car Wash Time!

Helped mommy wash the cars yesterday... well ok i just rode along as we drove through.  I wasnt to sure about it & kept straighting & wiggling my toes ready to jump at anytime.  Those brush things are loud & the water sprayers too! 

We made it through w/ mommys car & then vaccum it.  Mommy thought id be scared of the vaccum but i thought it was funny.  A long hose making all that noise.  Mommy just moved me around from one seat to another until we got it all done.

Then we came home & got daddys truck & went & did it all over again!  This time mommy let me get up front w/ her before we went though.  I didnt mind it as much that time cause i knew mommy would protect me but i did squeeze her fingers pretty tight a couple times.  :-) 

Then daddy decided to burn the wood pile so when we went out today the ashes had blown on mommys car.  :-(  So we had to go wash it AGAIN!  This time she just sprayed it off & dried it.  The last time she did that my cousins were w/ us & the sprayer scared me.  I was screamin & Lacey kept knockin on the window tryin to tell mommy but she thought she was playin so every time she knocked mommy would spray again... she told mommy when she got done & mommy felt bad but i was ok after mommy got me.  Silly mommy!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ice Cream w/ Daddy!

Last Friday Daddy surprised me and picked me up early from daycare so we could hang out.  He wanted to take me out for ice cream.  Oh course we had to stop by mommy's work first so i could show off to all the ladies there and visit w/ mommy. (really just to let mommy know that daddy already got me so she didn't have to)  Then daddy & me went to Dairy Queen and got us a "Nutter Butter" Blizard! Yum Yum Yum!!  I'm so spoiled.

Last week when mommy was off we got out & about a couple days and just had a good time together.  I love hangin w/ mommy and i can tell she loves spending the day w/ ME! :-)  One day we went to White Castle for lunch and i pigged out!  Their chicken rings are pretty darn good! This eating "real" food thing is kinda nice.  I was mommy's little buddy, but then again, i'm ALWAYS mommy's little buddy!  Where ever she goes, I must also go.  I'm a momma's boy and i love my mommy!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crawl? / Walk?

Can't make up my mind if i want to crawl or walk... so i'm crawlking!!  Lol. I get on my hands & one knee & one foot & i go!  Hehe!  Hey i get around now so thats all that matters to me.  Daddy says "hes doing the funny crawl" again and mommy just laughs!  :-)  Oh & I found the cat food today!  Mommy took it away before i got to try it though.  I'm sure i'll get another chance!


1 Year Old!

Well i made it through my 1st year!  Mommy & Daddy still can’t 100_0983believe i’m one already.  I got to have 2, yep that’s right, two birthday parties!  




One here at my house on the 6th and another in mommy’s hometown at Chuck-E-Cheese on the 13th.  I had  a great time at both and got lots of cool new toys! 

Mommy & Daddy got me my own pickup truck! It’s Blue w/ a yellow top! :-) 100_1069  Mommy even made me a KY license plate for it to match the one on daddy’s truck.100_1071 


Oh and I loved all the lights and stuff at  Chuck-E-Cheese and 101_1178daddy took me around to ride all the rides in there, i had so much fun!  Daddy is my bestest buddy!  101_1201




My party theme was Thomas the train.  Mommy made “train ticket” invitations for me (which i liked looking at and playing with) and she made me a Train cake for my first party. My Aunt Michelle made my cake for my 2nd party and i loved it!  Even got me a little train from it.  Mommy says she is so talented.  

A lot has happened in the last few months… i got my 2nd tooth a week after my 1st and just the other day my 3rd one came through.  Now my 4th has come though and mommy says another is on its way.  These teeth sure do come in handy when eating! :-) I like biting into things and i’ve been eating a lot of new things lately.  I get to try out the big kid food at lunch at daycare now.  Some days i don’t like it and i just eat my baby food that mommy sends but some days i love it! 

I love when mommy makes cinnamon rolls for breakfast! They are my favorite breakfast food! When we went to Mamaw’s i went to eat w/ her and papaw and had me some shrimp and rice and liked it too!  100_1288Yesterday my cousins were over and mommy got us pizza100_1289 and was





tearing mine into lil pieces when i reached and grabbed the whole slice from her and went to town on it!  It was stuffed crust so of course i ate the crust first… (hey that’s how the commercial shows to do it!) Mommy laughed at me! Said i’m growing up way to fast!

I got my 1st Haircut too! (July 31st)  Mommy says it made me go from looking like a baby to a big boy instantly!  I didn’t mind 100_0890the clipper thing that they used but i was ready for a nap and wished they would just leave me alone so i could go to sleep.  They did pretty good though considering.  Daddy had to touch up a spot on the side when we got home while mommy held me still cause i wouldn’t let them finish that one little section.  

I loved playing out in the pool this summer!  Splashin’ is my new middle name… (according to mommy) I love the water! I floated around in my lil float in the bigger pool w/ mommy and than other times i sat and played in my little pool while mommy “got some sun” beside me.  I bet next summer will be even better!!

Well mommy says it’s bedtime so until next time…

Nighty Nite!

Baby Jax

Monday, May 16, 2011

My 1st Tooth!!

Where to begin... oh yeah, I've got A tooth!!  :-)  Yep, i finally got 1 tooth coming through on the bottom.  Mommy didn't think i was ever gonna get any.  And i can feel it there so all day today i've been sucking my bottom lip in w/ my top one.  Mommy laughs at me cause it makes me make such a funny face.  It's new though, i can't help myself. 
Been a busy boy these last few months.  I've finally learned to sit up all by myself.  Was a little wobbly at first but i do pretty good now.  My hair is even starting to grow back in the back now since i'm not laying on it all the time.  I don't mind cause i can't see it but mommy is happy about that.  I bet daddy is too. :-)

I've also moved up to a "big boy" car seat!  I love it.  There's a whole other world out there that i get to see now since i'm not laying down.  And i get to sit up front in the cart at stores now too!  I look around and try to talk to people as we go by.  Mommy likes not havin to carry that car seat around cause she said it make it feel like i was 30lbs heavier in it.  Guess the only bad thing about it is that if i fall alseep on the way home she can't just carry it and wait til i wake up, she actually has to get me out of it and most of the time i wake up.  But oh well, when i'm awake, it's Play Time!! :-)
Last weekend daddy hung up my swing outside and mommy pushed me for awhile while daddy mowed the yard.  I love to swing!  Today mommy put me in my indoor swing but she hadn't put the new batteries in it yet but i figured out how to make it swing myself! ;-)  I started rockin and noticed that it made it swing so i kept doing it.  I'm one smart cookie! hehe (so mommy says) 

I'm still a picky eater... don't like things w/ texture, they gag me.  Mommy says i'm gonna have bad gag reflexes.  However... i do like tasting (licking, not eating) all kinds of things.  I'm always tasting something new.  I do like pancakes! Just not very much at a time.  Me and daddy took mommy out for breakfast on Mother's Day and they gave me some.  I think i just like the sweet syrup though. ;-) I have gotten better at other foods, i don't have to have my veggies chased by fruit anymore.  I just eat it & go on! Mommy says i got to eat 'em so i can grow up big and strong!
I've been told i have a temper... i guess they are talking about the mad fits i throw when i don't get my way.  I can't help it that i'm spoiled rotten... i didn't spoil myself!  I even turn red sometimes when i'm mad or excited.  And i'm gonna miss my paci if they ever take it away cause i use it a lot to bang on things to make noise or else i bit on it when i'm mad.  Mommy don't know but i can see her laughin when i do it. She just thinks i'm funny.  We are good entertainment for each other. 

As for daddy, i just love him! I used to be all about mommy but now i get mad when daddy leaves me too.  :( I want both mommy & daddy in my sight at ALL times!  I've recently noticed that my daddy has wiskers on his chin... i try to get them and he acts like he's gonna bite my fingers.  He's so funny!  I like to touch things.  I usually go for people's nose first... well besides mommy's earrings! ;-0  I also like to pull mommy's hair.  Especially when it's curly! She's not to happy about that but it's fun for ME!  Daddy got me a Thomas the Train set a few weeks ago and i love watchin it go around the track.  Did have it set up in the living room but once mommy got my room cleaned up (all my outgrown clothes in boxes out of there) she fixed it up for me in there.  I sit in my room and play w/ all my toys and watch my baby cartoons!  I got it made!!  I like trains and i saw my first real one the other day on our way to work/daycare.  I got so excited!  My cousin's left me their Mickey Mouse train and i've started playin w/ it lately.  Today Daddy was pushin me around on it.  I still don't know how to drive it myself.  I had fun though!

I can't wait until this summer... i love playin in the water and mommy says i'll get to play outside in it! Tonight i splashed water all over the bathroom AND mommy! hehe  She laughed though so it's all good!  When i'm outside though, i'll get to splash even More!  Mommy said she's gonna have to start givin me a bath in "her" tub so when i splash at least the water will stay in the tub.

You get the picture... i'm growin up and full of myself! My last Dr. visit i weighed 18.5lbs and i'm 29in.  I'm 9 months old now and a lot of my 6-9mth pants are still loose in the waist.  But some of them are getting to short.  Good thing it's starting to warm up so i can wear the 6-9mth shorts and not have to worry bout them being to short on me! I am starting to wear some of my 12mth shirst though.  Guess i'm just tall and skinny!
Now on to more serious stuff... Tomorrow mommy & daddy are taking me to see a pediatric surgen at UK in Lexington.  Almost 2 weeks ago a knot came up on my upper back kinda over my spine.  Mommy took me to the Dr. and he sent us for xrays but those were fine so it's not something in the bone.  I can't see it and it don't bother me none but mommy needs to know what it is.  They hope it's nothing and it could be nothing but we want to make sure.  It just came up all of a sudden and hasn't gone away yet.  They say it's not any bigger but it's not any smaller either. (You can see it in the picture of my splashin above...)

Well, that's it for now.  Got a busy day tomorrow so we need to get our sleep.

Nighty Night,

Baby Jax!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm spoiled rotten!

Been a little bit since i last blogged but hey... i'm a busy boy!  But i'm a happy good busy boy! (so everyone says)  Been eating some new and interesting things lately.  At first i wasn't to big on my veggies but i started chasing them with fruit (I LOVE MY FRUITS) and now i'll eat my veggies pretty good as long as every other bite is something good! hehe!  I've started drinking juice sometimes now too and i love it as well.  Not to big on the sippy cup yet so mommy puts it in a small bottle and i take it from there.  I love being able to feed myself my bottle.  I take it out to talk and then put it right back just like i'm a big boy. :-)  From the looks of this picture you'd think i was spoon feeding myself too... not sure how food got on my forehead.
My hair is thinning out a lot too... mommy still thinks i'm handsome though even with my bald spot in the back! Now that i'm learning to sit up though maybe it will finally start growing back.  Hope so or i'm gonna have to start wearing a ball cap like my daddy does.  

Speaking of sitting up... mommy and daddy are trying to help me learn to sit up but i'd rather play instead so when they sit me up on the bed i kick my foot out and make myself fall backwards.  I giggle and then we do it again and again and again... grownups are so easy to train! Ha!  We do a game for rolling over too.  The roll me over and i giggle so they roll me back over and i giggle again, you get the picture. :-)  Daddy thinks i'll be 15 before i can walk! lol  Puttin' off sittin sure gives of lots of play time practicing though and we all love play time so it's a win win!  Mommy gets so tickled at me.  We have so much fun together! 

Today after mommy picked me up we went to the store and got me a new bath seat.  I've pretty much out grown my little baby tub.  This seat you get to sit down in the real tub and i loved it!  I kicked and splashed and played with my little rubber ducky.  Grandma & Danny came to see me the other week and brought me the ducks.  I've got several ducks now & Mommy says i'll have even more fun when i start sitting better and can play with them all and then she'll get me all kinds of other toys to play with in there too.  I can't wait!!  And i think Bubba (the silly cat) got a little jealous... he loves water but mommy wouldn't let him join me.  But as soon as i got out we looked and he was drinkin the water.  Mommy says he's gonna be a bad influence on me. lol  I already try to lick the water off my shoulder.  And i've realized that rain is water also... the other morning it was raining and as we went to the car i stuck my tounge out and tried to catch as much as i could.  Mommy says that night when we got home i was sleeping and i did it again. (in my sleep!)  I'm just a silly monkey though! 

 I now also like to read!  Whenever we go to the store i get the receipt after we check out to show the door greeter.  It's usually not to readable once i get done with it though.  I like to make it crinkle! hehe Everyday when mommy picks me up from daycare they give her a sheet of paper that says when and what i ate that day and other stuff and well mommy hands it to me and i carry it to the car for her and then all the way home i read it to her and tell her what all it says.  Once i get to the end of it, (i read it several times to make sure she got it all) then i throw it over in the seat and move on to something else.  In the mornings we sing along to the radio.  She thinks i'm silly but it makes the car ride so much more fun.  I even try to hit the high notes! lol  She cracks up everytime!  Especially the mornings when the suns out and i got my shades on.  I'm one cool dude then.  I walk into daycare (well mommy carries me in but it sounds better if i say i walked in...) and everyone is like look at that cool little dude in his shades!  And i grin the biggest grin!  Yeah i'm a little full of myself but hey if ya got it...........

Well i guess that about somes it up for now...

 Nighty Night!!

Baby Jax

Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year!

It's a new year and i've had many "first's" since my last blog.  Had my first Thanksgiving and smelt turkey cooking all day.  Mommy gave me some sweet potatoes but i didn't like them.  I spit them back out.  Her's looked good but mine comes in this little plastic container and is no where near the same!

Than a few weeks later I had my first Christmas.  It was a "White Christmas too!"  We went home to mommy and daddy's hometowns and spent it with family.  We stayed at Mammaw & Papaw Downeys cause they have a room there for all of us to stay in.  Went and visited with my grandma & grandpa feller and some of my aunts & uncles too!  I was a little cranky cause the time was different and i knew we weren't home so i was off schedule.  And with the cold and snow mommy didn't want to get me out to much so we didn't get to go see everyone we wanted to but we will try to come to town again once this crazy weather gets better.   Thank you everyone though for all the wonderfuel new toys and clothes i got.  I love toys!! 

The last night we were there mommy let me sleep in mamaw's room with them.  Mamaw was really excited about it and so was mommy because she would actually be able to get some sleep.  Ha!  I didn't sleep good the whole time we were there so neither did she.  The next morning we got up and mamaw gave me a bath in her little sink to get me all cleaned up to go to church for the first time.  Mommy had got me a little outfit with a vest and tie and boy did i look sharp in that!!  :-)  Mommy said i was one handsome little dude!  (but she always tells me that.) 

Me and mommy planned to go back to Indiana for New Years Eve for a get together with her family but after we got home from the first trip me, mommy and daddy all took turns being sick.  I had to stay home from daycare a couple days cause i had a fever and then i got better and then mommy was sick.  Probably cause she loved on me to much trying to make me feel better.  She kisses on my so much that she probably has withdrawls during the day when she's at work and cant do it. Ha!  So anyways, instead we stayed home here with daddy and celebrated the new year as a family.  And i got 2 kisses at midnight!!  Our drinks for the night were good 'ol Nightquil and formula! Ha!

At my last appointment on 12/20 i had grown another inch making me 25in tall and weighed 12.75lbs.   I had to get shots that day too and i screamed so loud but as soon as the nurse was done mommy picked me up and i stopped.  The nurse was suprised that all it took was for mommy to pick me up and she told me i was such a good boy so i even gave her a little smile.  (even after she just stabbed me in both of my little legs.)

On another note, i turned 5 months old Jan. 9th.  For my b-day i cashed in my piggy bank and daddy took me to buy a tv for my bedroom.  I got a 32" LED and daddy hung it on the wall for me when we got home.  Daddy wont let me have anything less than the best so he had to put some of his allowance in too! :)   He is the best daddy ever!  And I love it cause now i can watch the baby channel in my room too!  And mommy has started giving me my baths in there since my room is warmer so now i get to take a bath and watch tv at the same time.  I'm livin the life!! :-)  

I'm trying to sit by myself nowadays but can only do it for a few seconds until i start falling over.  I'm starting to eat more solids now too.  Bananas are my favorite!!  Greenbeans i hate!  Mommy tried to be slick one night and give me some in between bites of bananas but i caught on to what she was doing and spit them back at her.  I'm no dummy! lol  I'm also trying to roll over.  I haven't done it yet though.  I try to get over on my side but then i get stuck.  Mommy makes a game out of rolling me and i just love it!  We both get so tickled whenever we play it.  Mommy is good at making me laugh.  And i love it when daddy plays helicoptor with me.  You know the one where i get to fly in the air!  I had fun when papaw did it too!  Once they start though i don't want them to stop.  I get mad when they do.  My new thing now is growling.  I do it all the time and now mommy and daddy do it back.   We have so much fun playing!  Execpt for when i'm cranky...

Speaking of cranky... these last few days i'm been a moody little dude so they say.  I just want to play ALL the time and not sleep.  And not sleeping good  therefore makes me cranky.  I can't help it, i just have so much fun playing.  Why do we need sleep anyways? 

Well, daddy is leaving for North Carolina in the morning so the next few days will be just me and mommy.  I'm gonna miss daddy while he is away but i'm sure me and mommy will have lots of play and cuddle time. :-) 

Okay, i'm done rambling on for tonight.  Gotta get some sleep.

Nighty Night,

Love, Baby Jax!