Sunday, August 28, 2011

Car Wash Time!

Helped mommy wash the cars yesterday... well ok i just rode along as we drove through.  I wasnt to sure about it & kept straighting & wiggling my toes ready to jump at anytime.  Those brush things are loud & the water sprayers too! 

We made it through w/ mommys car & then vaccum it.  Mommy thought id be scared of the vaccum but i thought it was funny.  A long hose making all that noise.  Mommy just moved me around from one seat to another until we got it all done.

Then we came home & got daddys truck & went & did it all over again!  This time mommy let me get up front w/ her before we went though.  I didnt mind it as much that time cause i knew mommy would protect me but i did squeeze her fingers pretty tight a couple times.  :-) 

Then daddy decided to burn the wood pile so when we went out today the ashes had blown on mommys car.  :-(  So we had to go wash it AGAIN!  This time she just sprayed it off & dried it.  The last time she did that my cousins were w/ us & the sprayer scared me.  I was screamin & Lacey kept knockin on the window tryin to tell mommy but she thought she was playin so every time she knocked mommy would spray again... she told mommy when she got done & mommy felt bad but i was ok after mommy got me.  Silly mommy!


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