Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eatin good in the neighborhood...

I've been tryin more & more things lately and mommy says i'm becoming a lil man. I love chicken & hotdogs/corndogs! Im trying more meals at daycare too but some days i just want my good ol babyfood. And i might eat something one day but when they have it again i might not. Oh but i just LOVE the chilibun they make... I even asked for seconds yesterday! -:) At night im pretty much eating whatever it is mommy & daddy are eating. Unless its something i dont like then mommy will feed me some babyfood. She says i have to eat EVERY night! Hehe.

Last night mommy gave me a little tree thingy... (she said its broccoli) i put my thumb on it & push it around a lil then i just looked at her like "i'm suppose to eat this??". Shes crazy if she thinks im gonna eat a tree... I threw it down for Bubba to eat but he didnt want it either. Mommy gets mad when i give bubba food but i think it is soooo funny! I throw a piece, then laugh real loud, mommy says no & then i do it again & again! Lol. She eventually laughs too cause im just cute like that but she tries to hide it so i dont see it. She dont fool me! ;-)

I'm also drinking mommy & daddys milk sometimes now too. The other day when we went to the store mommy got me the chocolate kind too! Its pretty good! Its really good w/ poptarts! Me & mommy both love the brown sugar & cinnamon kind. We like other kinds too but thats our favorite.

Ok well i just thought i'd do a little update.


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