Sunday, August 28, 2011

Car Wash Time!

Helped mommy wash the cars yesterday... well ok i just rode along as we drove through.  I wasnt to sure about it & kept straighting & wiggling my toes ready to jump at anytime.  Those brush things are loud & the water sprayers too! 

We made it through w/ mommys car & then vaccum it.  Mommy thought id be scared of the vaccum but i thought it was funny.  A long hose making all that noise.  Mommy just moved me around from one seat to another until we got it all done.

Then we came home & got daddys truck & went & did it all over again!  This time mommy let me get up front w/ her before we went though.  I didnt mind it as much that time cause i knew mommy would protect me but i did squeeze her fingers pretty tight a couple times.  :-) 

Then daddy decided to burn the wood pile so when we went out today the ashes had blown on mommys car.  :-(  So we had to go wash it AGAIN!  This time she just sprayed it off & dried it.  The last time she did that my cousins were w/ us & the sprayer scared me.  I was screamin & Lacey kept knockin on the window tryin to tell mommy but she thought she was playin so every time she knocked mommy would spray again... she told mommy when she got done & mommy felt bad but i was ok after mommy got me.  Silly mommy!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ice Cream w/ Daddy!

Last Friday Daddy surprised me and picked me up early from daycare so we could hang out.  He wanted to take me out for ice cream.  Oh course we had to stop by mommy's work first so i could show off to all the ladies there and visit w/ mommy. (really just to let mommy know that daddy already got me so she didn't have to)  Then daddy & me went to Dairy Queen and got us a "Nutter Butter" Blizard! Yum Yum Yum!!  I'm so spoiled.

Last week when mommy was off we got out & about a couple days and just had a good time together.  I love hangin w/ mommy and i can tell she loves spending the day w/ ME! :-)  One day we went to White Castle for lunch and i pigged out!  Their chicken rings are pretty darn good! This eating "real" food thing is kinda nice.  I was mommy's little buddy, but then again, i'm ALWAYS mommy's little buddy!  Where ever she goes, I must also go.  I'm a momma's boy and i love my mommy!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crawl? / Walk?

Can't make up my mind if i want to crawl or walk... so i'm crawlking!!  Lol. I get on my hands & one knee & one foot & i go!  Hehe!  Hey i get around now so thats all that matters to me.  Daddy says "hes doing the funny crawl" again and mommy just laughs!  :-)  Oh & I found the cat food today!  Mommy took it away before i got to try it though.  I'm sure i'll get another chance!


1 Year Old!

Well i made it through my 1st year!  Mommy & Daddy still can’t 100_0983believe i’m one already.  I got to have 2, yep that’s right, two birthday parties!  




One here at my house on the 6th and another in mommy’s hometown at Chuck-E-Cheese on the 13th.  I had  a great time at both and got lots of cool new toys! 

Mommy & Daddy got me my own pickup truck! It’s Blue w/ a yellow top! :-) 100_1069  Mommy even made me a KY license plate for it to match the one on daddy’s truck.100_1071 


Oh and I loved all the lights and stuff at  Chuck-E-Cheese and 101_1178daddy took me around to ride all the rides in there, i had so much fun!  Daddy is my bestest buddy!  101_1201




My party theme was Thomas the train.  Mommy made “train ticket” invitations for me (which i liked looking at and playing with) and she made me a Train cake for my first party. My Aunt Michelle made my cake for my 2nd party and i loved it!  Even got me a little train from it.  Mommy says she is so talented.  

A lot has happened in the last few months… i got my 2nd tooth a week after my 1st and just the other day my 3rd one came through.  Now my 4th has come though and mommy says another is on its way.  These teeth sure do come in handy when eating! :-) I like biting into things and i’ve been eating a lot of new things lately.  I get to try out the big kid food at lunch at daycare now.  Some days i don’t like it and i just eat my baby food that mommy sends but some days i love it! 

I love when mommy makes cinnamon rolls for breakfast! They are my favorite breakfast food! When we went to Mamaw’s i went to eat w/ her and papaw and had me some shrimp and rice and liked it too!  100_1288Yesterday my cousins were over and mommy got us pizza100_1289 and was





tearing mine into lil pieces when i reached and grabbed the whole slice from her and went to town on it!  It was stuffed crust so of course i ate the crust first… (hey that’s how the commercial shows to do it!) Mommy laughed at me! Said i’m growing up way to fast!

I got my 1st Haircut too! (July 31st)  Mommy says it made me go from looking like a baby to a big boy instantly!  I didn’t mind 100_0890the clipper thing that they used but i was ready for a nap and wished they would just leave me alone so i could go to sleep.  They did pretty good though considering.  Daddy had to touch up a spot on the side when we got home while mommy held me still cause i wouldn’t let them finish that one little section.  

I loved playing out in the pool this summer!  Splashin’ is my new middle name… (according to mommy) I love the water! I floated around in my lil float in the bigger pool w/ mommy and than other times i sat and played in my little pool while mommy “got some sun” beside me.  I bet next summer will be even better!!

Well mommy says it’s bedtime so until next time…

Nighty Nite!

Baby Jax