Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm spoiled rotten!

Been a little bit since i last blogged but hey... i'm a busy boy!  But i'm a happy good busy boy! (so everyone says)  Been eating some new and interesting things lately.  At first i wasn't to big on my veggies but i started chasing them with fruit (I LOVE MY FRUITS) and now i'll eat my veggies pretty good as long as every other bite is something good! hehe!  I've started drinking juice sometimes now too and i love it as well.  Not to big on the sippy cup yet so mommy puts it in a small bottle and i take it from there.  I love being able to feed myself my bottle.  I take it out to talk and then put it right back just like i'm a big boy. :-)  From the looks of this picture you'd think i was spoon feeding myself too... not sure how food got on my forehead.
My hair is thinning out a lot too... mommy still thinks i'm handsome though even with my bald spot in the back! Now that i'm learning to sit up though maybe it will finally start growing back.  Hope so or i'm gonna have to start wearing a ball cap like my daddy does.  

Speaking of sitting up... mommy and daddy are trying to help me learn to sit up but i'd rather play instead so when they sit me up on the bed i kick my foot out and make myself fall backwards.  I giggle and then we do it again and again and again... grownups are so easy to train! Ha!  We do a game for rolling over too.  The roll me over and i giggle so they roll me back over and i giggle again, you get the picture. :-)  Daddy thinks i'll be 15 before i can walk! lol  Puttin' off sittin sure gives of lots of play time practicing though and we all love play time so it's a win win!  Mommy gets so tickled at me.  We have so much fun together! 

Today after mommy picked me up we went to the store and got me a new bath seat.  I've pretty much out grown my little baby tub.  This seat you get to sit down in the real tub and i loved it!  I kicked and splashed and played with my little rubber ducky.  Grandma & Danny came to see me the other week and brought me the ducks.  I've got several ducks now & Mommy says i'll have even more fun when i start sitting better and can play with them all and then she'll get me all kinds of other toys to play with in there too.  I can't wait!!  And i think Bubba (the silly cat) got a little jealous... he loves water but mommy wouldn't let him join me.  But as soon as i got out we looked and he was drinkin the water.  Mommy says he's gonna be a bad influence on me. lol  I already try to lick the water off my shoulder.  And i've realized that rain is water also... the other morning it was raining and as we went to the car i stuck my tounge out and tried to catch as much as i could.  Mommy says that night when we got home i was sleeping and i did it again. (in my sleep!)  I'm just a silly monkey though! 

 I now also like to read!  Whenever we go to the store i get the receipt after we check out to show the door greeter.  It's usually not to readable once i get done with it though.  I like to make it crinkle! hehe Everyday when mommy picks me up from daycare they give her a sheet of paper that says when and what i ate that day and other stuff and well mommy hands it to me and i carry it to the car for her and then all the way home i read it to her and tell her what all it says.  Once i get to the end of it, (i read it several times to make sure she got it all) then i throw it over in the seat and move on to something else.  In the mornings we sing along to the radio.  She thinks i'm silly but it makes the car ride so much more fun.  I even try to hit the high notes! lol  She cracks up everytime!  Especially the mornings when the suns out and i got my shades on.  I'm one cool dude then.  I walk into daycare (well mommy carries me in but it sounds better if i say i walked in...) and everyone is like look at that cool little dude in his shades!  And i grin the biggest grin!  Yeah i'm a little full of myself but hey if ya got it...........

Well i guess that about somes it up for now...

 Nighty Night!!

Baby Jax