Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life at 7 weeks

Let's see... last week Grandma Feller, Danny, Aunt Kathy & my cousin Rachel came to visit me.  We went out for pizza and then Kathy and Rachel went swimming at the hotel.  Since i don't even know how to sit up my self yet i wasn't allowed to go swimming.  I just had to watch.  So the next day before they left i thought i'd get Aunt Kathy back for teasing me by spitting up ALL over her! HeHe!  I bet she smelled that nasty formula all the home.  Just kidding, i didn't mean to.  ;)  We had a good time though.

Well i've started staying awake a little more during the day.  Things catch my eye and i just start starring.  Not sure what i stare at and neither does mommy.  She thinks i'm crazy.  I try to talk to her but she just dont understand what i'm saying and just goos back at me.  She does this to my cousin Kasidy to and it makes Kasidy really mad.  Kasidy tells her to "STOP" so i guess she understands that mommy is making fun of her.  Me? I don't mind, i just do it more.  Mommy seems to love it when i goo and ahh at her.  :) 

Does anyone else have someone stop them in the middle of eating and start patting them on the back?  Mommy always does this to me so now when she's patting my back i pat hers too cause i never see daddy pat it for her when she eats.  It always seems to make me burp though and makes me feel so much better. 

Speaking of mommy thinkin i'm crazy... when i get ahold of something, usually mommys finger, i like to squeeze really tight and she thinks i have a strong grip... well last night i some how managed to grab my OWN hair and of course i squeezed it tight and ya remember i have "crazy arms" well i moved my arm which made me pull my hair, which made me REALLY mad so i tried to pull my arm away but only made me pull my hair even harder which made me even more mad so i did it again over and over again.   Needless to say i didn't realized i was hurting myself (thought someone else was) and mommy was laughin so hard while tryin to loosen up my grip.  I didn't think it was to funny but she thought it was hilarious.  But she finally got me to let go and then she covered me in kisses to make me feel better. (while she was still laughing i might add...) 

The last two days my cousin Lydia has come home with daddy and she likes to talk to me and she even plays the "paci game" with me. (although she gives up on it real quick, mommy hears her saying... "close your mouth Jaxon, it's already in there.")  You can tell she's been around a lot of babies... she's got that sweet baby talk down pat.  Sun. me and mommy went over to their house so mommy could work on Aunt Kim's computer and Lydia and Kasidy were fighting over me!  Kasidy wants to take care of me all by herself.  Kasidy likes givin me my paci when i fling it out but don't like for me to wear mittens.   Oh and Kasidy ALWAYS thinks i stink.  She walks around saying "Axon Stinks!"  Maybe cause the first time i met her i started poopin on her mommy when she tried to change my diaper. Who knows!  But really she's the one that stinks... when we were leavin' she messed her pull-up and decided to pull it down around her ankles and come walking in the living room sayin' "I stink".  She had it everywhere... poor Aunt Kim. 

The last few nights i have driven mommy and daddy crazy!  She wasted $45 on some drops for me that don't help any.  I was just so cranky and NOTHING made me happy.  Not sure why i get so cranky but maybe it'll get better soon.  Tonight was better though so who knows.  Tonight mommy gave me a bath and i loved it! It makes me smell sooo good and as my hair dries it slowly spikes up and makes me look soo handsome!  (So mommy says) She even filed my nails today.  I scratched my face so they needed it.  I wasn't being very still so she was scared to clip them so she just filed them down smooth instead.  Then i cuddled with daddy while mommy took a shower and started my laundary.  Daddy had been sick but i'm so glad he is better now so i can cuddle with him again.  Don't think Cotton is to happy about it though.  I still don't think that hairy little guy has gotten used to me yet.  He prob. just knows from my cousins that little people like me always grow bigger and like to chase and tease lil guys like him.  Ha! Look out Cotts!

Oh yea, thanks Aunt Tracy for the halloween card.  Daddy put my dollar in my piggy bank.  If i had teeth i would've gone and got me some candy or something but i don't. HeHe! 

Okie dokie... it's nighty night time!

Sweet Dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Love, Baby Jax!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

6 Weeks!

Happy Birthday to ME! Yep, i'm 6 weeks old today.  Getting older and older every week! =)  My day started bright and early with a trip to the doctor's office.  Mommy didn't want to get up but we made it in time.  She's gonna have to get use to gettin us both up and ready before to long when she goes back to work.  Which i would rather her just quit her job and stay home with me everyday and i know she would too but she wont...  We actually went to where i'll be going to daycare today and turned in all my paperwork and met the people who will be watching and playing with me during the day while mommy works.  Me and mommy both like them and think i'll be in good hands there. 

Okay, back to the doctor visit... he said i'm lookin good! Which i knew this already cause people tell me this ALL the time.  I've gained a little weight, not much but now i'm at 8lbs 14.5oz and i'm stretching out too... i'm now 22.75in. long.  Mommy knew i was growing cause i'm out growing my clothes.  My little toeseys are at the ends of my sleepers.  I'm gonna have to move to the next size soon just for the lenght. Which means they will be really baggy on me.  But we'll figure it out.  Mommy will make sure i'm nice and comfy and cozy!  Oh and as far as my rash on my face... Doc. says i got some of that ezama stuff.  =(  It could clear up and stay away or it may come back here and there.  I sure hope not cause it makes my poor face itch.  He gave me some cream for mommy to put on it and it makes it feel better.  She hopes it clears up fast.

So over all life is good at 6 weeks.  Sat.  while daddy mowed the yard mommy took me for another walk.  But this time we didn't leave the driveway! lol  We got a pretty long driveway and i like the bumpiness of it better than the road anyways so we just made several circles back and forth while we glanced at daddy everytime he went by. We love him!  That is until i fell asleep.  The bumps and mower noise put me out... but as soon as we stopped and it got quiet i was wide awake again.  Mommy thinks i'm so backwards! Ha!   Just like if i fall asleep with the lights on... as soon as they go off UP I AM! 

Today i went up to mommys work again to see everyone.  I think Amy could hold me all day and not put me down for nothing.  And i wouldn't mind one bit.  I get so cozy.  Her and mommy both think i would be a good associate to hang with them everyday if only they could figure out a way to sneak me in. HeHe!  I told em i was small enough to hide in the corner! =)  Well i better get me some sleep cause Danny, Grandma Feller and maybe Aunt Kathy and cousin Rachel are comin to town tomorrow to see me.   Just hopefully i don't spit up all over them like i did on mommy again tonight. =(  That would be kinda funny though...

Nighty Nite! Sweet Dreams!

Love, Baby Jax

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just another day...

Lets see... what have i been up to?  Well yesterday me and mommy ran to get some ink so she can print out some more pictures of guess who...? Yep, ME! My frames in my room have some babys pic. in them that i don't know.  Mommy is already behind cause my 1st year frame needs my birth pic and my one month pic. already.  She thinks there is a big difference in that time and it will be neat to watch me change over the first year.  Then daddy got home and had my cousin Lacey with him.  Her and mommy cooked spaghetti while i took a little nap.  I always know when it is time for mommy and daddy to eat... i wake up and get really cranky.  Mommy spends all that time cookin and then ends up eating cold food.  I'm just jealous that i don't get to eat it yet.  And it don't matter what it is... the night before it was meatloaf and before that it was steaks on the grill.  I can't wait to eat the good stuff! 

I always end up really cranky in the evenings and not much makes me happy.  I'm most happy when mommy holds me but sometimes thats still not enough.  Daddy thinks mommy has just spoiled me rotten but tonight when i got that way she looked up some stuff on this silly internet about fussy babies (guess that would be me...) and it says that it usually happens in the evenings before our long strech of sleep. (long strech...i don't do to many long streches) Anyways, it says that it's normal and it peeks at around 6 weeks, which is how old i'll be on mon. and slacks off around 3-4 months.  Mommy was happy to hear that its normal but not so happy that it's gonna last another 2-3 months.  Good thing she don't mind holding and rockin me cause it looks like thats gonna be her main job for awhile.  Daddy bless his heart trys really hard but sometimes it just don't cut it and i prefer mommy.  Mommy says he's just not used to little babies as little as me but give him time and he will get the hang of it.  And some how i always know when mommy leaves the room.  I'm out like a light and if she walks away I'm bright eye'd and mad.  

I still love playing the paci game ALL DAY AND NIGHT!  Today mommy was trying to teach me to suck on my thumb so if i lose my paci i could just use my thumb instead of getting so mad but i told her no way.  I'd much rather have my paci.  And i'm getting more of an arm on me cause i'm strating to fling it farther and farther.  Not such a good thing for mommy. 

Speaking of arms... mommy says she's gonna have some good arm muscles by the time i move into a big carseat from luggin me around.  And just think i only way about 10lbs now... i'm gonna get bigger. 

Oh and i think this new formula may be helping on my spitting up.  Still to soon to tell.  I did spit up all over daddy last night though.  He wasn't to happy about it.  I wasn't either though.  Time will tell.

I go to the doctor mon. but i'm not lookin forward to it cause i think they plan to stab me with some needles... mommy wishes they didn't have to either.  We will prob. both tear up! Ha!  Mommy did have to call the doc yesterday cause my poor little face has broken out and she wasn't sure what it was from.  They say it could be a variety of different things.  It may be from my formula or she thinks it may be where she'd been layin' me on a towel cause i was spitting up my whole bottle so much and it may be a reaction to her detergant.  Now she just uses my blankets to lay me on which are only washed in my very own special detergant.  Who knows... And the doc. told her what to put on my face to see if it heals it up.  If not they will look at it mon. when we are there.  Mommy thinks it looks better today though so it seems to be getting better.  It didn't really bother me none but mommy didn't like thinkin her babys face might be iching or hurting.  I can always count on mommy to take care of me.  She loves me so much!  When i do sleep, sometimes i dream and let out a few smiles and mommy thinks i must be dreamin about her and daddy... but i'll never tell!   And mommy says that no matter how long of a day it's been, when she looks at my sweet little face everything else just melts aways.  Besides daddy, i'm the love of her life!

Well i'm off to baby dream land!  It's almost time to start tonights paci game! (sure mommy is soo looking forward to it)

Sweet Dreams!
Love, Baby Jax

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Weeks!

I turned 5 weeks old today... i'm getting old! Ha!  Had a long day today, just didn't feel like napping ANY so mommy had her hands full today.  Not sure why i was so cranky today but hey it happens.  However mommy is learning to multitask pretty quickly.  Today she swept and mopped and dusted with one hand... what? I only weigh about 10lbs. so whats the big deal if she had to hold me in the other while she tried to get things done... I'm helping her to build up some good arm musle! :-)   After all that hard work she didn't seem to thrilled when daddy came home and didn't take his shoes off at the door... we have a gravel driveway still so he left rock dust foot prints all through the house.  Bad daddy!  Mommy is also learning to multitask while driving too.  See i like to play this game where i swing my arms all crazy and knock my paci out and then i get really mad until someone gives it back to me.  Well mommy sometimes has to drive with one arm in the back seat.  She has this little mirror back there pointed on me so she can see me through her mirror so she uses that to give me back my paci... although she still needs a little practice cause she trys to put it in my eyes and nose sometimes but she tries her hardest to keep me happy.  I like playing the paci game ALL the time but i don't think mommy and daddy do.  It really makes me mad if they don't get it for me right away so i'm not sure why i keep flinging it out but my arms just go crazy sometimes.  But no matter how cranky i get or how crazy my arms get mommy still always tells me how much she loves me.  I just give her my sweet little innocent look with my big blue eyes and she melts! 

Well for my birthday last thurs. (my 1 month b-day that is) me and mommy got out and did some running around.  First we went and opened me a savings account for college.  Yeah i wont be needing that for many years so i should have plenty by then.  And thanks Aunt Tracy for the head start on it.  Oh and Daddys work got me a savings bond too.  That was nice of them.  I was a big hit at the bank.  All the ladies there kept coming over and lookin at me and saying how cute i was. And they thought my b-day was pretty cool! I just laid there suckin away at my paci.  That's what i do best!  After we finished there we went and had some lunch. Once again i only got this stinky formula.  Oh joy!  And then... mommy took me to get my pictures taken.  Mommy preferrs to just do it herself with her fancy little camera but she thought she take me for kicks and giggles.  I gave em a few good shots but was ready to get back home after that.  We had a good day out though!

Friday we went and had lunch with aunt Kim and my cousins Kasidy and Keyona.  In the car Kasidy kept taking my paci away and i didn't like that (i'm suppose to fling it and then someone give it back!) and for some reason she wanted to keep taking my socks off... she's so silly.  I can't wait until i'm big enough to play with them... I'll get her back then! Ha!

Yesterday me and mommy went grocery shopping so daddy could watch his football.  And i decided to throw my first temper tantrum in wal-mart!  Mommy wasn't to happy about it so we stopped with what we had and went home.  Ended up going back later to finish.  I usually like riding in the cart but i didn't yesterday.  Than last night mommy took me for a walk around the neighborhood.  I wasn't in the mood for it though... and i think i woke up all the neighbors dogs with my farting! lol  I had gas really bad and mommy says sometimes she can't tell if it's me or daddy. Ha!  Oh and i liked the bumpy driveway part of the ride the best. 

Well it's way past my bedtime so me and mommy are heading to bed since neither of us got much sleep last night. (courtesy of me)  I think she might try to wrap me up and with arms in the blanket so i can get crazy arms tonight...

Sleep tight!

Love, Baby Jax!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

4 weeks, 1 day

Today has been a good day.  Started off by sleeping ALL night until 8am this morning.  I must of been worn out cause i never sleep all night.  =)  Mommy gave me a bath this morning and i just love it when she washes my hair! It feels so good, i just lay there and grin and enjoy it.  I just hate it when bathtime is over and she picks me up out of that warm water.  I get really mad when that cold air hits me.  So far i've only pee'd on her once during bathtime.  Mommy has learned to get my diaper on me right away. Ha!

Me and mommy were both finally ready to leave the house by noon.  She tells me that it takes a lot longer to get ready nowadays since she has to get me ready also.  She don't seem to mind though.  We went up to mommy's work and had lunch with Amy.  I like Amy, she loves to hold me and talk to me.  I even gave her a few smiles today too!  They got to eat pizza but i had to eat this stinky formula.  They were suppose to move mommy's office today but now they've changed it again to Friday so we'll be going back up there then.  And i'm sure i'll be passed around to all the ladies up there while mommy works.  I don't mind though, i love all the attention.

Tonight i hung out with Daddy a little while Mommy ran to the store.  I decided i'd be good for him this time. =)  I just hope in a little while when i eat again i can keep it down.  My lil tummy has been fine all day but last night it didn't agree with me that i was hungry.  I spit up my whole bottle all over mommy and her bedroom floor.  Now her room smells like nasty formula.  Sorry momma, i can't help it.  I hate it when i spit up like that cause it comes out my nose and everything.  Hopefully i'm just still adjusting to this new formula and it will get better.

Yesterday i was 4 weeks old already and i'm just lovin my life.  My mommy and daddy love me SOOO much and they say they couldn't ask for anything better than ME!  They've had to make some adjustments since my arrival but they are doing pretty good with the whole thing.  Mommy comes running everytime i cry, i got her under my spell! HA! I wear the pants of the house now!  (well diapers...)  Mommy says she wants to just stay home with me ALL the time and not go back to work... I would really like that but she's gotta go make me some money cause they are gonna spoil me rotten. 

Enough for tonight, gotta go cuddle up with daddy and watch some biker show... i think thats where they got my name.

Love, Baby Jax

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Been a busy weekend.  Mama & Papa Downey missed me so much that they came to see me this weekend. To bad they already had to leave.  I love it when mama holds me and talks to me!  Hope she knows i didn't mean to spit up all over her this morning.  Sorry mama!  Mommy switched me to a new formula this afternoon and so far it seems to be helping.  Maybe now i can keep this stuff down. 

Yesterday 4 of my cousins and my Aunt Kim came over and we celebrated my cousin Lydia's birthday.  She turns 5 tomorrow.  And i'll be 4 weeks already tomorrow.  Mommy says i'm growing up way to fast!  My cousin Keyona wasn't sure what to think about me.  I didn't really pay her any attention but she wanted to keep crawling over and pushing on me.  (She's only 10 months old)  I think she was trying to play with me but i can't really do much yet besides lie there and look around.  I love looking around at things. And I love when people talk to me.  My mommy talks to me all the time and i just look at her like i'm really listening.  She thinks i am but i'll never tell! ;)

Glad my daddy gets to stay home from work again tomorrow.  I love cuddling with him.  Cotton (my hairy bother) gets really jealous when i do though.  I don't think he likes to share his daddy with me.  Too bad! HaHa!  He keeps trying to smell me too and his wiskers tickle and make me giggle.  Mommy thinks its cute when i giggle.

Well speaking of cuddling, i'm going to go do just that.  Nite everyone.