Tuesday, September 7, 2010

4 weeks, 1 day

Today has been a good day.  Started off by sleeping ALL night until 8am this morning.  I must of been worn out cause i never sleep all night.  =)  Mommy gave me a bath this morning and i just love it when she washes my hair! It feels so good, i just lay there and grin and enjoy it.  I just hate it when bathtime is over and she picks me up out of that warm water.  I get really mad when that cold air hits me.  So far i've only pee'd on her once during bathtime.  Mommy has learned to get my diaper on me right away. Ha!

Me and mommy were both finally ready to leave the house by noon.  She tells me that it takes a lot longer to get ready nowadays since she has to get me ready also.  She don't seem to mind though.  We went up to mommy's work and had lunch with Amy.  I like Amy, she loves to hold me and talk to me.  I even gave her a few smiles today too!  They got to eat pizza but i had to eat this stinky formula.  They were suppose to move mommy's office today but now they've changed it again to Friday so we'll be going back up there then.  And i'm sure i'll be passed around to all the ladies up there while mommy works.  I don't mind though, i love all the attention.

Tonight i hung out with Daddy a little while Mommy ran to the store.  I decided i'd be good for him this time. =)  I just hope in a little while when i eat again i can keep it down.  My lil tummy has been fine all day but last night it didn't agree with me that i was hungry.  I spit up my whole bottle all over mommy and her bedroom floor.  Now her room smells like nasty formula.  Sorry momma, i can't help it.  I hate it when i spit up like that cause it comes out my nose and everything.  Hopefully i'm just still adjusting to this new formula and it will get better.

Yesterday i was 4 weeks old already and i'm just lovin my life.  My mommy and daddy love me SOOO much and they say they couldn't ask for anything better than ME!  They've had to make some adjustments since my arrival but they are doing pretty good with the whole thing.  Mommy comes running everytime i cry, i got her under my spell! HA! I wear the pants of the house now!  (well diapers...)  Mommy says she wants to just stay home with me ALL the time and not go back to work... I would really like that but she's gotta go make me some money cause they are gonna spoil me rotten. 

Enough for tonight, gotta go cuddle up with daddy and watch some biker show... i think thats where they got my name.

Love, Baby Jax

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