Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Weeks!

I turned 5 weeks old today... i'm getting old! Ha!  Had a long day today, just didn't feel like napping ANY so mommy had her hands full today.  Not sure why i was so cranky today but hey it happens.  However mommy is learning to multitask pretty quickly.  Today she swept and mopped and dusted with one hand... what? I only weigh about 10lbs. so whats the big deal if she had to hold me in the other while she tried to get things done... I'm helping her to build up some good arm musle! :-)   After all that hard work she didn't seem to thrilled when daddy came home and didn't take his shoes off at the door... we have a gravel driveway still so he left rock dust foot prints all through the house.  Bad daddy!  Mommy is also learning to multitask while driving too.  See i like to play this game where i swing my arms all crazy and knock my paci out and then i get really mad until someone gives it back to me.  Well mommy sometimes has to drive with one arm in the back seat.  She has this little mirror back there pointed on me so she can see me through her mirror so she uses that to give me back my paci... although she still needs a little practice cause she trys to put it in my eyes and nose sometimes but she tries her hardest to keep me happy.  I like playing the paci game ALL the time but i don't think mommy and daddy do.  It really makes me mad if they don't get it for me right away so i'm not sure why i keep flinging it out but my arms just go crazy sometimes.  But no matter how cranky i get or how crazy my arms get mommy still always tells me how much she loves me.  I just give her my sweet little innocent look with my big blue eyes and she melts! 

Well for my birthday last thurs. (my 1 month b-day that is) me and mommy got out and did some running around.  First we went and opened me a savings account for college.  Yeah i wont be needing that for many years so i should have plenty by then.  And thanks Aunt Tracy for the head start on it.  Oh and Daddys work got me a savings bond too.  That was nice of them.  I was a big hit at the bank.  All the ladies there kept coming over and lookin at me and saying how cute i was. And they thought my b-day was pretty cool! I just laid there suckin away at my paci.  That's what i do best!  After we finished there we went and had some lunch. Once again i only got this stinky formula.  Oh joy!  And then... mommy took me to get my pictures taken.  Mommy preferrs to just do it herself with her fancy little camera but she thought she take me for kicks and giggles.  I gave em a few good shots but was ready to get back home after that.  We had a good day out though!

Friday we went and had lunch with aunt Kim and my cousins Kasidy and Keyona.  In the car Kasidy kept taking my paci away and i didn't like that (i'm suppose to fling it and then someone give it back!) and for some reason she wanted to keep taking my socks off... she's so silly.  I can't wait until i'm big enough to play with them... I'll get her back then! Ha!

Yesterday me and mommy went grocery shopping so daddy could watch his football.  And i decided to throw my first temper tantrum in wal-mart!  Mommy wasn't to happy about it so we stopped with what we had and went home.  Ended up going back later to finish.  I usually like riding in the cart but i didn't yesterday.  Than last night mommy took me for a walk around the neighborhood.  I wasn't in the mood for it though... and i think i woke up all the neighbors dogs with my farting! lol  I had gas really bad and mommy says sometimes she can't tell if it's me or daddy. Ha!  Oh and i liked the bumpy driveway part of the ride the best. 

Well it's way past my bedtime so me and mommy are heading to bed since neither of us got much sleep last night. (courtesy of me)  I think she might try to wrap me up and with arms in the blanket so i can get crazy arms tonight...

Sleep tight!

Love, Baby Jax!

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