Monday, October 25, 2010

My first visit "TO" the hospital

As you noticed in my last blog i had caught a "bug".  Well that mean bug just wouldn't leave me alone day after day so finally mommy was getting really worried that i might get dehydrated so she called the doc.  Doc. took to long to return mommys call so she decided to go ahead and take me up to the ER.  Did you know that it's a sign of dehydration when a babies "soft spot" sinks in? Well now you do! Mommy read that on the internet and thats why she decided to take me up to the hospital.  Good thing she did cause i was dehydrated.  When Dr. in the ER first looked me over he said i wasn't but wanted some blood work to make sure.  So then these 2 mean ladies came in there and stabbed me in my little arm tryin to get an IV set for if they needed it and to draw some blood.  Well they messed it up so my blood came out to slow and cloted so it was no good.  And they hurt my arm for no reason!  I was already really mad and then they decided to stab my little foot and get blood from there.  They squeezed and squeezed until they finally got enough.  And i had definately had enough.  When they finished mommy scooped me up and i gave her the sadess little face.  I already didn't feel good and they were making me hurt in more places. 

Me and mommy waited and waited and then 2 more nurses came in and said they were going to hook up an IV.  The doc. never came and talked to us about the results but the nurses said that they had called MY doc and he wanted me to be admitted because my count was low and i was dehydrated.  This time they tried to put the IV in my other arm and by the time they were done (which they did succed) me and mommy were both in tears.  She hated seeing me in pain like that.  She said it broke her heart watching.  This time i was really glad when mommy scooped me up off the bed and kissed and hugged me.  I just wanted to go home.  Since we had my seat, diaper bag, mommy's purse and i was not letting her put me down again another nurse just loaded everything up on the bed and wheeled us up to our room.  She first brought a wheelchair but quickly realized that that wasn't going to work.

Shortly after we got settle Aunt Kim showed up to bring mommy some food since she hadn't eatin all day and daddy showed up too.  He had a busy day at work but still managed to make it up there to be with me.  Mommy stayed up there with me the whole time and i made her hold me and cuddle with me most of the time.  I had finally fell into a good sleep so she layed me in my bed and good thing she did cause it wasn't long after that that i exploded again!  Mommy buzzed the nurse and between everyone i got cleaned up and my bed too.  My poor little tummy just was not agreeing with me.  Little later the night nurse came in to take my temp and was tellin mommy that the little 3mth old girl in the next room and just shot out all over him face and all when he tried to take her temp.  (ya know since they like to take it from our bottoms...)  And about that time... there i went!  I did it to him too! (just not in the face, i think he learned not to get to close!) Poor guy, mommy felt bad for him but couldn't help but laugh at the same time.  He was good spirited though so he wasn't mad at me.  He tried to talk to me everytime he came in to my my vitals but i wanted nothing to do with him.  I just wanted mommy to love on me and keep all those mean people with their needles away.  They stabbed my other foot that night for blood and then the next morning they went back to the other.  AND then they went back to the other again and some lab guy had to come back and redo it AGAIN so they went back to the other.  My poor little feet weren't gonna take much more of that.  My doc. had made a trip up and talked to mommy a little that night and then again the next day.  Said if my count was better than i could go home cause Sat. i was able to drink a little and hadn't had any more "leakage" except during the early morning hours.

When they finally got the results back they told us that the normal count is 20 and Fri. when i came in mine was only 13.  The last set of test late Sat. afternoon my count was up to 18 so they said i could go home. Yay!  Havin' that IV of fluids all night and day helped.  And me and mommy were both worn out and ready to go home. 

I did pretty good once we got home but later that night i was in my swing and me, mommy and daddy were watching a movie when all of a sudden... i exploded everywhere again.  Mommy and daddy both just looked at each other, i guess trying to decide who was gonna clean me up.  Well, it took BOTH of them!  And mommy had just givin me a bath and had me smellin sooo good too! 

Well, i'm doin better now, just still tryin to build my appetite back up.  Rested a lot Sun. and then mommy went back to work today and i went back to daycare.  They were all glad to see me this morning.  Hopefully soon i'm be 100% and back to myself.  Until then i just get lots of extra lovin from mommy.  Oh and daddy says i better get better soon cause i get to go trick-or-treating this weekend AND mama & papa are coming to visit!  I think daddy just wants my candy though.  Ha!  Oh yea, AND we are having a b-day party for my cousin Keyona.  She's going to be 1! 

Okay, well there are all the juicy (and i mean "juicy") details of my "bug" trouble.  Now i'm gonna go cuddle up w/ mommy and get some zzzzz's. 

Nighty, Night!

Love, Baby Jax

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Okay so they say i've caught a "bug"... but how did it get in my tummy and why wont it come out?  My poor little bottom has been put through enough.  I haven't been myself since Tues. and i don't like it.  Stuff is coming out of both ends and me nor mommy are very happy about it.  Mommy says i've made the whole house smell like a sewage plant!  I didn't even feel like eating much today.  Probably only ate about 7 or 8oz since 7am this morning. (in which all that i had then came back up)  Mommy went and got me some stuff to help keep me from getting dehydrated and it's actually pretty good stuff.  I just wish it would make me better already.  Mommy has had to stay home with me for 2 days now cause i'm not allowed to go to daycare if my bottom is "leakin".  She says today was worse than yesterday.  Good thing she bought some more diapers yesterday... she's needed them!  We hope I'm better by morning cause if not mommy is going to take me back to the doctor.  Yesterday we had an appointment already so she talked to the dr. about whats going on since it started tues., but of course you can't find many "American" doctors anymore so she didn't get much out of him (that she understood anyways).  He just said if more diarehhea then give some pedialyte, but if not than don't.  Well duh!  On a good note though, i am growing... longer that is.  I'm not a whole 2feet long. (24in")  And he said i weigh 9.75lbs.   I was really needy yesterday and today and wanted mommy to hold me most of the day.  So yesterday she decided to read me a story.  It was something about "red fish" and "blue fish".  That cat in that hat is so silly.  I even giggled out loud a few times as mommy was ready it.  Mommy thinks i was just laughin at her though cause she was being silly while reading it.  Either way though, i enjoyed it.  Thanks again Aunt Britney for the books.  Since i can focus a little now she plans to start reading to me a lot more.  Gonna have to get me some more books! =)

Tuesday was my daddy's 35th birthday! Good thing we celebrated it with friends Sat. cause Tues. night i just wasn't up for it.  Mommy says he had a toddler party cause all the kids that were here but he had a good time and that's all that matters.  I think he is really glad that this birthday he finally got to spend as a "daddy".  He even let me try the icing off his cake.  As you can see in my pictures on my website. ( ) Mommy got him a UK cake but i guess he got excited and he cut it before mommy could take a picture. 

Sunday Grandma Feller and Danny came to visit me.  We hung out here at home together.  I even gave them a few grins & giggles.  Grandma got me a new toy to hang on my seat!  It rattles REALLY easy... mommy can hear it if the wind blows.. lol  I like when they come to visit... they bring me TOYS!!  :-)

Mommy did get out my mat thingy the other day, ya know with the toys that hang on a bar over you.  One of the animals on it i can reach and everytime i made it move it would jingle.  And I like!  I wanted the rest to move and make noise too so i would scoot down and wrap my arm around the side of the bar thingy and then pull my arm back towards me and whatda ya know... the whole bar would move and make all the things jingle and rattle. HeHe!!  I'm one smart little dude... i know how to make it work! That night while mommy cooked dinner daddy got down there on the floor and played with it with me.  I love my daddy, he's so silly.  I reconize his voice now and when i hear it i look all around until i see him.  Even though i'm not feelin so great i still managed to let out a little grin for him tonight.

Okay i've been all over the place in this blog so i think i'm gonna call it a night. Me and mommy need some sleep.  We are both worn out.

Sleep tight!

Love, Baby Jax

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jax's rough day...

Well i was stabbed today... yep some mean old lady stabbed me 3 whole times in my little legs.  The first one was bad enough and i screamed but settled down and then the second was worse and by the third one... i was MAD!  If they wouldn't of been holding me down i would've scooted right off that table tryin to get away.  I squeezed mommy's had so hard i'm surprised i didn't break her finger.  When it was all done mommy picked me up and loved on me which made me feel a little better.  But just a little.  Mommy don't think that nurse knows what she's talking about cause she thinks i look little... when she put me on the scale though she realized i'm not so little after all.  I weigh a whole 10lbs. now and i've grown another 1/2in making me 23.25in long.  So i'm just right, as mommy would say.

After the doctor we hurried home cause it was past time for me to eat.  We waited a little while for daddy to get home but he never showed so we left and went to good ol wal-mart.  Mommy wanted to get me some pain medicine and she bought me a new toy too! =)  I was getting mad while she was looking at things and then she started playin with this toy and i giggle and loved it.  So yep, i got it!  Its to hang on my car seat so i have something to play with in the car.   Oh and she bought me another little jacket and some more pants and socks.  My socks don't like to stay on so she got me some that come up my leg a little more, and she thinks i wont kick these off... Ha!  My legs get plenty of exercise... all night i pull them up in the air over and over again until i get my cover off and then put my legs on top of it.  And of course mommy pulls it back out and covers me back up.  This is another game i like to play at night.  Not really sure why i play the games i do but i do it anyways.  I've also started kickin' my legs all over whenever i throw a "mad fit". (as daddy would say)  I go ALL OUT!  And of course i ALWAYS get my way!!  =)  It's easy to get your way when you are this handsome!  HeHe! 

Anyways, after we got home i was no longer happy.  My poor little legs were hurting and silly mommy got the wrong medicine.  She picked up the childrens one but not the one with the dropper thingy in it.  So i screamed and screamed and screamed, well you get the picture.  Finally i ate most of my bottle and went to sleep next to daddy.   Hopefully i will be good as new in the morning. 

Last night mommy had to work a little late again so i got to spend some more time with just daddy.  I was a little cranky though but once mommy got home and played with me i was good to go.  Mommy was playing with my little toesy's and i thought she was silly.  She loves playin and talkin to me.  Daddy does too!  Daddy sits down and talks to me every morning before he leaves for work.  I let out a few smiles and then he kisses me and he's on his way.  Mommy comes behind him and does the same thing and gets me and her ready to go and then we're off.  I love the drive in the mornings, i just sit back and look around and take it all in.  Sometimes i fall asleep before we make it to daycare but usually i'm wide awake.   And i'm always glad to mommy when she picks me up.  She loves on me and tells me how much she missed me.  I'm her little buddy!

Well i better get to bed... got a full day ahead of me tomorrow.  Ya know all that sleepin, eatin, swingin and layin' around lookin at things.  That can wear a little dude out! Ha!! 

Sloppy Kisses & Hugs!

Love, Baby Jax

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"2 Months old"

I'm a whole 2 months old today and mommy says i'm growin like a weed!  I'm much happier now a days, but i guess that comes with age! Ha!  Been a busy busy week.  Mommy went back to work so that means i had to start going to this place where everyone drops their kids off and then shows back up later to get them.  They call it daycare.  Hmmm wonder why...  My first day there daddy had to pick me up since it was a late night for mommy.  She didn't get home until 9:30 (yeah i can tell time) so i got to spend lots of time with just daddy.  I decided i'd be a good boy for him this time.  So in return he fed me, changed my diaper and got me dressed for bed and all cozy.  We cuddled up watchin monday night football until mommy got home.  Tues. mommy had another late night but not as late so daddy picked me up again and we hung out together.  He's so funny!  I grin and giggle when he talks to me.  I love our one-on-one time and mommy says we get to do that at least one night every two weeks when she has to work late.  Yay!  Mommy says she really missed me this week and was so happy to see me everynight.  I missed her too!  Come Wed. (yeah i know my days of the week too!) i just stared her down as she left me there at daycare cause i didn't want her to go.  =(  They seem pretty nice there though and take good care of me while mommy works.  I'm mommy's new alarm clock too!  I usually wake her up before her alarm goes off and she "snoozes" me by givin me back my paci. :)  We play this game every morning for a bit and then her real alarm goes off and she snoozes it to.  Whenever she starts putting me in my own bed then she'll actually have to get up to give me my paci so it may be a different story then.  Mommy's not a morning person like me and daddy.  But she does whatever it takes to make me happy! <3  Daddy's really comin' around too.  Mommy & daddy both seem SO happy to have me here.  Mommy had never heard daddy talk so much baby talk until now. (besides him talkin to the cats)  She says while she's getting ready in the mornings she hears me in here giggling with daddy and just loves the sound of it.  I always give them both a few good grins at the least in the morning.

Last night my cousins Lacey & Lydia stayed over with me.  Lydia loves to talk to me and Lacey begged my mommy the whole time if she could hold me.  She let her a couple times and i sure didn't mind.  As long as i don't get dropped or thrown around than I'm good! :)  Mommy is pretty protective of me... Lacey also helped to give me a bath this morning but she was to slow, i like for mommy to keep squeezin water out on me to keep me warm so she had to take over.  Lacey is a good helper though.  Then today my other cousins (Kasidy & Keyona) also came over and Kasidy loves takin care of me ('Aby 'Axon as she says) If i spit out my paci she comes runnin sayin' "ot oh" and gives it back to me.  What can i say... "Everybody Loves Me!!" =)~ 

Earlier today i had my own photo shoot, by mommy of course.  She loves taken pictures and especially ones of me!  I gave her a few good ones but then i was done.  She said shes gonna post them on my website: when she gets a chance.  And they are already on facebook for those of you on there.

Oh yeah, last night all 7 of us (including Bubba & Cotton) cuddled up and watched Karate Kid. One by one everyone fell asleep.  First Lydia so daddy took her and put her in bed, then Lacey, so there she went and so on.  I guess actually i was first but I slept in mommy's arms the whole time so i didn't get booted out. lol  

Well i gotta get some sleep now.  Tomorrow is football day with daddy and i told him i'd be in a good mood so i better get my rest.  Cause when i ain't happy, nobody's happy! ;)

Sweet Dreams!

Love, Baby Jax <3