Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jax's rough day...

Well i was stabbed today... yep some mean old lady stabbed me 3 whole times in my little legs.  The first one was bad enough and i screamed but settled down and then the second was worse and by the third one... i was MAD!  If they wouldn't of been holding me down i would've scooted right off that table tryin to get away.  I squeezed mommy's had so hard i'm surprised i didn't break her finger.  When it was all done mommy picked me up and loved on me which made me feel a little better.  But just a little.  Mommy don't think that nurse knows what she's talking about cause she thinks i look little... when she put me on the scale though she realized i'm not so little after all.  I weigh a whole 10lbs. now and i've grown another 1/2in making me 23.25in long.  So i'm just right, as mommy would say.

After the doctor we hurried home cause it was past time for me to eat.  We waited a little while for daddy to get home but he never showed so we left and went to good ol wal-mart.  Mommy wanted to get me some pain medicine and she bought me a new toy too! =)  I was getting mad while she was looking at things and then she started playin with this toy and i giggle and loved it.  So yep, i got it!  Its to hang on my car seat so i have something to play with in the car.   Oh and she bought me another little jacket and some more pants and socks.  My socks don't like to stay on so she got me some that come up my leg a little more, and she thinks i wont kick these off... Ha!  My legs get plenty of exercise... all night i pull them up in the air over and over again until i get my cover off and then put my legs on top of it.  And of course mommy pulls it back out and covers me back up.  This is another game i like to play at night.  Not really sure why i play the games i do but i do it anyways.  I've also started kickin' my legs all over whenever i throw a "mad fit". (as daddy would say)  I go ALL OUT!  And of course i ALWAYS get my way!!  =)  It's easy to get your way when you are this handsome!  HeHe! 

Anyways, after we got home i was no longer happy.  My poor little legs were hurting and silly mommy got the wrong medicine.  She picked up the childrens one but not the one with the dropper thingy in it.  So i screamed and screamed and screamed, well you get the picture.  Finally i ate most of my bottle and went to sleep next to daddy.   Hopefully i will be good as new in the morning. 

Last night mommy had to work a little late again so i got to spend some more time with just daddy.  I was a little cranky though but once mommy got home and played with me i was good to go.  Mommy was playing with my little toesy's and i thought she was silly.  She loves playin and talkin to me.  Daddy does too!  Daddy sits down and talks to me every morning before he leaves for work.  I let out a few smiles and then he kisses me and he's on his way.  Mommy comes behind him and does the same thing and gets me and her ready to go and then we're off.  I love the drive in the mornings, i just sit back and look around and take it all in.  Sometimes i fall asleep before we make it to daycare but usually i'm wide awake.   And i'm always glad to mommy when she picks me up.  She loves on me and tells me how much she missed me.  I'm her little buddy!

Well i better get to bed... got a full day ahead of me tomorrow.  Ya know all that sleepin, eatin, swingin and layin' around lookin at things.  That can wear a little dude out! Ha!! 

Sloppy Kisses & Hugs!

Love, Baby Jax

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