Thursday, October 21, 2010


Okay so they say i've caught a "bug"... but how did it get in my tummy and why wont it come out?  My poor little bottom has been put through enough.  I haven't been myself since Tues. and i don't like it.  Stuff is coming out of both ends and me nor mommy are very happy about it.  Mommy says i've made the whole house smell like a sewage plant!  I didn't even feel like eating much today.  Probably only ate about 7 or 8oz since 7am this morning. (in which all that i had then came back up)  Mommy went and got me some stuff to help keep me from getting dehydrated and it's actually pretty good stuff.  I just wish it would make me better already.  Mommy has had to stay home with me for 2 days now cause i'm not allowed to go to daycare if my bottom is "leakin".  She says today was worse than yesterday.  Good thing she bought some more diapers yesterday... she's needed them!  We hope I'm better by morning cause if not mommy is going to take me back to the doctor.  Yesterday we had an appointment already so she talked to the dr. about whats going on since it started tues., but of course you can't find many "American" doctors anymore so she didn't get much out of him (that she understood anyways).  He just said if more diarehhea then give some pedialyte, but if not than don't.  Well duh!  On a good note though, i am growing... longer that is.  I'm not a whole 2feet long. (24in")  And he said i weigh 9.75lbs.   I was really needy yesterday and today and wanted mommy to hold me most of the day.  So yesterday she decided to read me a story.  It was something about "red fish" and "blue fish".  That cat in that hat is so silly.  I even giggled out loud a few times as mommy was ready it.  Mommy thinks i was just laughin at her though cause she was being silly while reading it.  Either way though, i enjoyed it.  Thanks again Aunt Britney for the books.  Since i can focus a little now she plans to start reading to me a lot more.  Gonna have to get me some more books! =)

Tuesday was my daddy's 35th birthday! Good thing we celebrated it with friends Sat. cause Tues. night i just wasn't up for it.  Mommy says he had a toddler party cause all the kids that were here but he had a good time and that's all that matters.  I think he is really glad that this birthday he finally got to spend as a "daddy".  He even let me try the icing off his cake.  As you can see in my pictures on my website. ( ) Mommy got him a UK cake but i guess he got excited and he cut it before mommy could take a picture. 

Sunday Grandma Feller and Danny came to visit me.  We hung out here at home together.  I even gave them a few grins & giggles.  Grandma got me a new toy to hang on my seat!  It rattles REALLY easy... mommy can hear it if the wind blows.. lol  I like when they come to visit... they bring me TOYS!!  :-)

Mommy did get out my mat thingy the other day, ya know with the toys that hang on a bar over you.  One of the animals on it i can reach and everytime i made it move it would jingle.  And I like!  I wanted the rest to move and make noise too so i would scoot down and wrap my arm around the side of the bar thingy and then pull my arm back towards me and whatda ya know... the whole bar would move and make all the things jingle and rattle. HeHe!!  I'm one smart little dude... i know how to make it work! That night while mommy cooked dinner daddy got down there on the floor and played with it with me.  I love my daddy, he's so silly.  I reconize his voice now and when i hear it i look all around until i see him.  Even though i'm not feelin so great i still managed to let out a little grin for him tonight.

Okay i've been all over the place in this blog so i think i'm gonna call it a night. Me and mommy need some sleep.  We are both worn out.

Sleep tight!

Love, Baby Jax

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