Sunday, October 10, 2010

"2 Months old"

I'm a whole 2 months old today and mommy says i'm growin like a weed!  I'm much happier now a days, but i guess that comes with age! Ha!  Been a busy busy week.  Mommy went back to work so that means i had to start going to this place where everyone drops their kids off and then shows back up later to get them.  They call it daycare.  Hmmm wonder why...  My first day there daddy had to pick me up since it was a late night for mommy.  She didn't get home until 9:30 (yeah i can tell time) so i got to spend lots of time with just daddy.  I decided i'd be a good boy for him this time.  So in return he fed me, changed my diaper and got me dressed for bed and all cozy.  We cuddled up watchin monday night football until mommy got home.  Tues. mommy had another late night but not as late so daddy picked me up again and we hung out together.  He's so funny!  I grin and giggle when he talks to me.  I love our one-on-one time and mommy says we get to do that at least one night every two weeks when she has to work late.  Yay!  Mommy says she really missed me this week and was so happy to see me everynight.  I missed her too!  Come Wed. (yeah i know my days of the week too!) i just stared her down as she left me there at daycare cause i didn't want her to go.  =(  They seem pretty nice there though and take good care of me while mommy works.  I'm mommy's new alarm clock too!  I usually wake her up before her alarm goes off and she "snoozes" me by givin me back my paci. :)  We play this game every morning for a bit and then her real alarm goes off and she snoozes it to.  Whenever she starts putting me in my own bed then she'll actually have to get up to give me my paci so it may be a different story then.  Mommy's not a morning person like me and daddy.  But she does whatever it takes to make me happy! <3  Daddy's really comin' around too.  Mommy & daddy both seem SO happy to have me here.  Mommy had never heard daddy talk so much baby talk until now. (besides him talkin to the cats)  She says while she's getting ready in the mornings she hears me in here giggling with daddy and just loves the sound of it.  I always give them both a few good grins at the least in the morning.

Last night my cousins Lacey & Lydia stayed over with me.  Lydia loves to talk to me and Lacey begged my mommy the whole time if she could hold me.  She let her a couple times and i sure didn't mind.  As long as i don't get dropped or thrown around than I'm good! :)  Mommy is pretty protective of me... Lacey also helped to give me a bath this morning but she was to slow, i like for mommy to keep squeezin water out on me to keep me warm so she had to take over.  Lacey is a good helper though.  Then today my other cousins (Kasidy & Keyona) also came over and Kasidy loves takin care of me ('Aby 'Axon as she says) If i spit out my paci she comes runnin sayin' "ot oh" and gives it back to me.  What can i say... "Everybody Loves Me!!" =)~ 

Earlier today i had my own photo shoot, by mommy of course.  She loves taken pictures and especially ones of me!  I gave her a few good ones but then i was done.  She said shes gonna post them on my website: when she gets a chance.  And they are already on facebook for those of you on there.

Oh yeah, last night all 7 of us (including Bubba & Cotton) cuddled up and watched Karate Kid. One by one everyone fell asleep.  First Lydia so daddy took her and put her in bed, then Lacey, so there she went and so on.  I guess actually i was first but I slept in mommy's arms the whole time so i didn't get booted out. lol  

Well i gotta get some sleep now.  Tomorrow is football day with daddy and i told him i'd be in a good mood so i better get my rest.  Cause when i ain't happy, nobody's happy! ;)

Sweet Dreams!

Love, Baby Jax <3

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