Monday, May 16, 2011

My 1st Tooth!!

Where to begin... oh yeah, I've got A tooth!!  :-)  Yep, i finally got 1 tooth coming through on the bottom.  Mommy didn't think i was ever gonna get any.  And i can feel it there so all day today i've been sucking my bottom lip in w/ my top one.  Mommy laughs at me cause it makes me make such a funny face.  It's new though, i can't help myself. 
Been a busy boy these last few months.  I've finally learned to sit up all by myself.  Was a little wobbly at first but i do pretty good now.  My hair is even starting to grow back in the back now since i'm not laying on it all the time.  I don't mind cause i can't see it but mommy is happy about that.  I bet daddy is too. :-)

I've also moved up to a "big boy" car seat!  I love it.  There's a whole other world out there that i get to see now since i'm not laying down.  And i get to sit up front in the cart at stores now too!  I look around and try to talk to people as we go by.  Mommy likes not havin to carry that car seat around cause she said it make it feel like i was 30lbs heavier in it.  Guess the only bad thing about it is that if i fall alseep on the way home she can't just carry it and wait til i wake up, she actually has to get me out of it and most of the time i wake up.  But oh well, when i'm awake, it's Play Time!! :-)
Last weekend daddy hung up my swing outside and mommy pushed me for awhile while daddy mowed the yard.  I love to swing!  Today mommy put me in my indoor swing but she hadn't put the new batteries in it yet but i figured out how to make it swing myself! ;-)  I started rockin and noticed that it made it swing so i kept doing it.  I'm one smart cookie! hehe (so mommy says) 

I'm still a picky eater... don't like things w/ texture, they gag me.  Mommy says i'm gonna have bad gag reflexes.  However... i do like tasting (licking, not eating) all kinds of things.  I'm always tasting something new.  I do like pancakes! Just not very much at a time.  Me and daddy took mommy out for breakfast on Mother's Day and they gave me some.  I think i just like the sweet syrup though. ;-) I have gotten better at other foods, i don't have to have my veggies chased by fruit anymore.  I just eat it & go on! Mommy says i got to eat 'em so i can grow up big and strong!
I've been told i have a temper... i guess they are talking about the mad fits i throw when i don't get my way.  I can't help it that i'm spoiled rotten... i didn't spoil myself!  I even turn red sometimes when i'm mad or excited.  And i'm gonna miss my paci if they ever take it away cause i use it a lot to bang on things to make noise or else i bit on it when i'm mad.  Mommy don't know but i can see her laughin when i do it. She just thinks i'm funny.  We are good entertainment for each other. 

As for daddy, i just love him! I used to be all about mommy but now i get mad when daddy leaves me too.  :( I want both mommy & daddy in my sight at ALL times!  I've recently noticed that my daddy has wiskers on his chin... i try to get them and he acts like he's gonna bite my fingers.  He's so funny!  I like to touch things.  I usually go for people's nose first... well besides mommy's earrings! ;-0  I also like to pull mommy's hair.  Especially when it's curly! She's not to happy about that but it's fun for ME!  Daddy got me a Thomas the Train set a few weeks ago and i love watchin it go around the track.  Did have it set up in the living room but once mommy got my room cleaned up (all my outgrown clothes in boxes out of there) she fixed it up for me in there.  I sit in my room and play w/ all my toys and watch my baby cartoons!  I got it made!!  I like trains and i saw my first real one the other day on our way to work/daycare.  I got so excited!  My cousin's left me their Mickey Mouse train and i've started playin w/ it lately.  Today Daddy was pushin me around on it.  I still don't know how to drive it myself.  I had fun though!

I can't wait until this summer... i love playin in the water and mommy says i'll get to play outside in it! Tonight i splashed water all over the bathroom AND mommy! hehe  She laughed though so it's all good!  When i'm outside though, i'll get to splash even More!  Mommy said she's gonna have to start givin me a bath in "her" tub so when i splash at least the water will stay in the tub.

You get the picture... i'm growin up and full of myself! My last Dr. visit i weighed 18.5lbs and i'm 29in.  I'm 9 months old now and a lot of my 6-9mth pants are still loose in the waist.  But some of them are getting to short.  Good thing it's starting to warm up so i can wear the 6-9mth shorts and not have to worry bout them being to short on me! I am starting to wear some of my 12mth shirst though.  Guess i'm just tall and skinny!
Now on to more serious stuff... Tomorrow mommy & daddy are taking me to see a pediatric surgen at UK in Lexington.  Almost 2 weeks ago a knot came up on my upper back kinda over my spine.  Mommy took me to the Dr. and he sent us for xrays but those were fine so it's not something in the bone.  I can't see it and it don't bother me none but mommy needs to know what it is.  They hope it's nothing and it could be nothing but we want to make sure.  It just came up all of a sudden and hasn't gone away yet.  They say it's not any bigger but it's not any smaller either. (You can see it in the picture of my splashin above...)

Well, that's it for now.  Got a busy day tomorrow so we need to get our sleep.

Nighty Night,

Baby Jax!