Thursday, September 29, 2011

20 Day Count Down...

It looks like I am on a 20 day count down for walking...  What's in 20 days you ask?  Daddy's Birthday!! :-)  They said I have to walk by daddy's b-day... (but if not than by Halloween, & if not by then, then they will pick another date! hehe)  Don't get me wrong, I love walking and i'm walking ALL over the place now but i just still think its safer if i hold on to something. :-)  I pull myself up and work my way all over the house now.  Always following mommy of course!  I go EVERYWHERE she goes!  Except they put up a wall by the laundry room so i cant help get clothes out of the dryer no more... (prob. cause i liked to make pit stops at the cat food as i went by) I like to reach for things on tables now too.  Like the remotes on the end table, i usually pull them off and throw them on the floor for mommy to later pick up so i can do again another day. hehe  Lately i've started getting on my feet and hands in the middle of the floor (mommy asks if i'm gonna do a hand stand) but then i remember that i have nothing to hold onto so i sit back down and move over by something to pull myself up.  Mommy says one day i'll just get up and go w/ out thinking about it.  We'll see...  I also love looking out the window... kinda hard to watch cars go by when we are the only ones on a dead end street... so i just look around at everything else and feel the breeze.  I am a little daredevil on mommys bed though... when we cuddle up i like to practice standing w/ NO Hands! :-)  (cause i know the bed is soft and she would catch me too)  I usually stand up, put my hands in the air and then fall over on mommy (on purpose) and laugh.  It's really fun, you should try it!  We usually play like that and get all out giggles out before bedtime.  It makes me not want to go to sleep but eventually i get wore out. 
Speaking of following mommy everywhere... i think sometimes she tries to hide from me, but i ALWAYS find her.  I search the house over until i do.  And doors don't stand in my way.  I push them open like i'm the boss.  (cause i am the boss!)  And when mommy gets ready in the morning i close the door behind me so she can't run off w/out me. :-) 

Okay, it's off to sleep i go...

Nighty Nite!


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