Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hangin w/ Daddy!

Last weekend daddy & I got a lot of "us" time!  He picked me up early from daycare and we went to the store and a couple places while mommy was still at work.  Then Sat. daddy gave me another hair cut.  Mommy says she don't like it when my hair starts growing over my ears. hehe  Daddy did a good job though.  I just sat on the bathroom counter like a big boy and mommy held me still while daddy did it.  Then i was put in the shower to get all that hair off me so i wouldn't itch.  Yes i said shower... i love taking showers! The water tickles and makes me laugh! :-)  After i was dressed and ready for the day mommy started working on cleaning out one of the rooms so me & daddy went out to lunch and then we went to a car show at daddy's work!  After that we went to my Aunt Kim's house so daddy could look at her lawnmower for her.  I love hanging out w/ my daddy! :-)

Sunday daddy gave me a tattoo so i could be like him! lol  Okay, it wasn't real... i got it the weekend before when we went shopping for me some winter clothes.   Anyways, it was a colorful football and i loved it!  They would ask me where my football was and since i'm a pretty smart boy and all i would look and point right to it.  However, mommy thought it would wash off that night when she gave me a bath... she was so wrong! haha!  So i wore it almost all week til it finally washed off.  I showed it off to all the ladies at mommy's work! (Mommy says i'm such a flirt!)  And now that its gone when someone ask me where my football is i still look at and arm and point but then mommy says i get a confused look on my face cause i notice its not there.  They are trying to trick me!  I loved looking at that football and now its gone! :-(  Guess we'll have to go shopping again! :-)  I like going clothes shopping cause as they push me through in my stroller i grab all the clothes i can and either pull them off their hangers onto the floor or else i pull them of the tables into my lap to take w/ me.  They always take them back away though... maybe i'm grabbing the wrong size?


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