Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Months Old!

My oh my i'm 3 months old already!  Mommy says it's been the best 3 months of her life and guess what?... Mine Too! Ha!  She wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!  Well as you've noticed it's been a little while since my last blog but that's cause i have much better things to do anymore, like playing with mommy and daddy! :-) I stay awake a lot more now and i love talkin and gigglin with them.  And they love it too! I'm even starting to find my deep inner laugh.  Mommy can't wait til i let it out!
I made it through my first Halloween the other week.  I was "Yoda" and my cousin Keyona was "Princess Leia".  (I was actually her 1st Halloween too.)  Everyone thought we were sooooo cute! Said i was the cutest Yoda they'd ever seen many times.  Well of course! :-)  Mammaw & Papa Downey came down that weekend and went Trick-or-Treating with us all.  Me and Keyona rode in the stroller so it wasn't bad for us. (No hills for us! Hehe) Everyone else got a good workout though.  Afterwards we all celebrated Keyona's 1st b-day.  She had her own little cake and man did she go to town on it.  She had cake ALL over my poor high chair.  But now mommy knows that for my b-day to put a towel down first. She says she's just gonna put me out in the yard and then hose me off! Hey that could be fun...

Mammaw & Papa came and got me from mommy's work that day when they got to town since mommy & daddy had to work for a few more hours still.  But them silly people ended up going in circles and got lost and i wasn't too happy about it.  It was time for me to eat and they were taken forever!  We finally made it home though and i got to eat so then i was a happy camper.  I gave papa the first smile... he acts like my daddy and i miss my daddy during the day so he was a good fill in. :-) I gave mammaw plenty smiles the rest of the weekend though.  Even though she tried to give me a mohawk before she left.
Sunday of course is football day around here and i love it! Mommy laid me on my mat in the living room and turned football on and i was happy for hours.  I was talkin up a storm tryin to tell them players what to do. I must get that from my daddy.  I really loved it when the crowd cheered "ME" on.  I would giggle and laugh everytime.  I was really enjoying myself and mommy seemed to really enjoy me being so happy.  She was laughin right with me. (or at me... not really sure) Sat. daddy went and helped aunt Kim finish puttin up her underpinning, whatever that is and then they decided to fix her kitchen floor so me and mommy went over there to join them.  All my cousins had gone to daycare that day so their mommy could get that done before winter comes.  I was trying to tell them how to do the floor but they would just laugh at me.  I didn't mind though, cause when they laugh i laugh even more.  My daddy is such a good man.  Me and mommy are sure lucky to have him and love him soooo soooo much!
Okay let's see, what else?  Oh ya, mommy fixed me my first bowl of rice cereal tonight and I loved it! She didn't make to much but i ate the whole bowl.  It was yummy to my tummy.  My sleep has been off lately (mommy says its cause of the time change, i thought time changed all day every day but whatever she says) anyways, she thinks the cereal may help me sleep better and not wake up all during the night like i have been for the last week.  We'll see. And I am holding my head up really good now and i love to sit up.  I do pretty good with high back support unless i'm sleeping.  I'd rather sit up now too cause i can't see it but mommy says i'm starting to get a bald spot in the back.  I don't want that, i'm way to young to go bald!  My hair is thinning out but i've still got a headfull and i'm still mommy's handsome little man! 
I like to cuddle with things now too.  Just whatever i can get my hands on i pull up by my face and don't let go.  It helps me sleep and mommy thinks its cute! :-)   She's loves to cuddle with ME!  It's time to go shopping agian... i'm out growing all my clothes.  My 0-3 sleepers... you can forget them, i moved up to 3-6 months awhile ago.  Some things are now big on me a little still but the lengh is just right.  Daddy bought me some camoflage boots the other week and i look like such a big boy in them.  Mommy says i'm growing way to fast on her.

Well, it's way past my bed time so i'm gonna call it a night.  Thanks for checkin up on me. 

Sleep tight!

Love, Baby Jax <3 

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