Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Just a quick update...

When on my first trip to the mall in Lexington last the weekend before last.  Mommy says its an hour drive but i slept the whole way there so i didn't mind.  I was really amazed at all the silly looking people we seen there.  Daddy pushed me around in my stroller and i tried to talk to everyone and everything.  If we walked off mommy could always find us cause she could here me talkin a mile away! :-)  I think i got the most out of the trip too.  Daddy got me a UK basket ball for my room.  That thing is bigger than me!! Ha!  Also got me some new kicks like papaw's. (shoes)

We also went to the Carter store and mommy picked me out a bunch of new outfits.  And... that's where i found my new best friend!  My lil' Monkey!  He's just my size and i loved him as soon as mommy picked him up and gave him to me.  He sleeps with me every night and loves watchin tv with me.  On Sundays we watch football together and i lay there and scratch his head for him.  He talks to me too... i know it's really mommy talkin for him but i still get a good laugh out of it.  Me, mommy & monkey make monkey faces together!
 This weekend me, mommy and daddy went shopping for toys for mommy's works Christmas party.  I LOVED seeing all those toys!  I rode in mommy's cart so we stopped and played with most of the toys as we went.  That is until i fell asleep.  Now mommy has to wrap them all.  She should be a pretty good wrapper by the time she gets done... just in time to wrap all MY Christmas presents!! :-)  Daddy is gonna spoil me rotten... Mommy says i already am cause she buys me everything i want! And she says I AM everything SHE wants!!   I can tell she loves me SO SO much!!  I even say momma now.  As for daddy... I light up when i see him.  Every night when me and mommy get home she takes me in to see him and i give him the biggest smile.  I get so happy to see him.  Oh and for everyone else, if i want your attention and you're not paying attention to me i yell "Hey!"   I'm full of myself but everyone loves me!
Things are pretty good at daycare but i've started getting a little jealous, so they say.  That lady told mommy that i was in my boucy happy as can be and then she picked up another baby to hold and i seen them and screamed out bloody murder.  I don't want them holding anyone but me! :-) Mommy says we have to take turns and i have to play nice though.  :-( 
I get to celebrate my first "turkey day" this week.  I'm sure daddy will let me lick a taste of everything.  I like trying new things.  I can't really eat any of them but i sure like to lick them and taste them.  Mommy says i make some pretty funny faces sometimes. 

Okay i better get to bed. 

To be continued...

Love, Baby Jax

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