Friday, October 2, 2015

Singing a different tune...

Last year Jax's friend at pre-school was named Evan & all we heard about was Evan this Evan that.  Well this year is totally different...

Wasn't but a few days into the school year & noticed one day that Jax would stop himself mid answer when i asked him how his day was.  Later on that night he did (with caution) open up & tell me bout his day.  That is when i realized why he had stopped himself.  His details of his day mostly involved a girl in his class named Aubrey.

See its natural for a lot of adults to tease lil kids about having a boyfriend or girlfriend cause it's funny to watch them respond with all the "gross", "he/she is Not my gf/bf" "boys/girls are gross" etc... You know all the things kids say when they think the oppisite sex is still gross.  Well his daddy was pretty good at this teasing & i admit i did it some too, but when i realized why he stopped mid sentence i knew we had to stop or we would be shut out.

That night after he told me all about his day i reassured him that he could always tell me anything, and that there was nothing wrong at all with having a friend that is a girl.  I also informed his daddy that we could no longer tease about the girlfriend thing.

After a couple days, (i guess he was making sure i wasn't lying & that we wouldn't tease him) he would talk freely about all the kids in his class.  When he first mention her to his mamaw she asked if that was his friend & he was sure to tell her "and She's a girl!".

When i picked him up a few days later he was so excited to show me his papers about the Star Student of the Week spotlight they were going to start doing.  I read it outloud & instantly his responce was "I hope my girl gets it!!.  He was so excited hoping Aubrey would get it, not even worrying if he would or not.  It was the cutest thing.

Jax & Aubrey have become bestfriends... all we hear about now is Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey!  They even pick their snacks to take on their day according to what the other likes.  Her mom & dad say they hear about Jax all the time at their house.   And these two even have the same birthday! (Jax is a yr older though) And Aubrey is actually the 1st name that Jason had picked if Jax would've been a girl...


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